Feel Happy NOW With This 3-Minute Trick...

Feel Happy NOW With This 3-Minute Trick…


It’s that time of year…

Right about now I get tons of emails and blog comments from people asking how to beat the winter blues.

And for a long time, I seriously considered myself a victim of “seasonal affective disorder”, a highly-researched condition known commonly by the moniker “SAD”.

Well today I’m here to tell you how I BEAT the winter blues!  (Pregnancy and all!)

Here are my top 5 favorite tricks:


1.  If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em!

If the snow really starts to get on your nerves at about this time – get out and enjoy it!

Lace up some boots and get yourself a pair of waterproof socks and trudge through it instead of staring at it in vain.

This is an amazing working for your thighs, butt, and core, too!

2015-02-06 16.01.27

Sometimes I do it for the exercise. And sometimes I do it just for the fresh air and beautiful views!


2.  Seek Higher Altitudes…

Not everybody lives in the mountains, but even when I lived in flat Illinois, I was able to find some trails for the weekends.

My dad used to love taking us to “Starved Rock” in the winter.

We’d prepare our feet with snow shoes and hiking poles for safety and hike for miles.

It’d always amaze me how much of a sweat hiking can build, even in the snow!

2015-02-07 19.55.05

No excuses! Exercise releases the same dopamine as hard-core drugs! If I have a choice – I’ll take exercise over drugs!

3.  Get Pumped… In New Ways!

(Yes, that’s big ol’ preggo me up there – just a few days ago 😉 )

As you can see, despite being 8 months pregnant I’m still keeping MAJOR muscle tone.

Free weights and hiking are my primary forms of exercise during the winter.

But here’s the objective: you must “mix up” your free weight routine!

Try doing Wood Chops or variations of Rows.

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(It’s my way of saying CHEER UP!)


Pistol squats are hard to get used to. You may need to prepare a nice warm epsom salt bath when you’re finished!


4.  Go Ahead And Jump…

Working out your butt and core are critical in the winter when we tend to slump at our desks and become more lethargic.

This takes a huge toll on your body and lead to sore muscles, and even injury.

Try squats.  There are countless variations – with or without weights.

I do scissor squats, pistol squats (shown above), wall sits, jump squats, and even variations of squats using a band in the door to help me balance.

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5.  The Best 3-Minute Trick To Erase Winter Blues…

By far the BEST way to beat the winter blues is with SlimTea.

In just three to five minutes you can brew up:

  • Increased Metabolism
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Serotonin Production

Serotonin is your brain’s “Happiness Chemical”!

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2015-02-06 16.08.12

Puppies LOVE playing in the snow! Here’s my standard poodle Atlas. He’s an awesome workout buddy!


2015-02-12 13.20.42

Atlas and Enzo – my standard poodles behaving while I hydrate on our walk today. Walking and hiking are such fun ways for the whole family to stay fit!


2015-02-12 14.01.20-1

Here’s me today at 35 weeks pregnant hiking a grueling 1.75 miles and nearly 1,500 feet of elevation. #ILiveForThis!