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While you wait, let me tell you a little about SlimTea.

SlimTea is committed to saving 100,000 families over $200 per month on natural products by 2016. By outfitting the world with SlimTea, we believe that we have played our part in standing up to corporate corruption of food supply and we’ll have a healthier, happier, and slimmer world, too!

SlimTea, LLC was formed in 1998 when a group of specialists found that Slimming Tea, a rare form of Oolong, is a powerful weight loss, mind-boosting, and age-reversing tea.

Since 1998, we’ve sold over 2,000,000 boxes of SlimTea and Capsules to over 400,000 satisfied families and raving fans.

The benchmark of our business is a pure, slimming product safe for the whole family to enjoy.

SlimTea is packed with powerful antioxidants and is low in caffeine, so it’s good to drink any time of day, or all day long.

Over 37 Scientific Studies show that SlimTea is linked to weight loss, increased energy, and anti-aging of the organs, skin, bones, and mind.

Plus, we make sure that we have our products thoroughly tested regularly by third party labs.

Our commitment is to bring you 100% Oolong SlimTea with NO Preservatives, NO Chemicals, NO soy or corn, 100% GMO FREE – every time.

If you are one of the 400,000 families who has been blessed by 100% SlimTea, we thank you and want you to continue reaching out to us with your stories, questions, and gratitude by emailing us at support@slimtea.com