Avoid THIS Fat-Storing Food.. (It's Everywhere!)

Avoid THIS Fat-Storing Food.. (It’s Everywhere!)


Modern Wheat Isn’t Wheat

What’s the big deal with wheat?

Is gluten intolerance made up?  Exaggerated?

Is wheat really the problem, or is it the genetically modified wheat that we have today?

There are, as in any new scientific discovery, lots of differing opinions.

Farmer groups in 26 countries have joined an initiative called the “Definitive Global Rejection of Genetically Modified Wheat.”

The primary goal of this initiative is to stand up to the biotechnology company Monsanto, which controls most of the wheat produced today.

But without going into too much detail about Monsanto (Monday’s are hard enough…), let’s just focus on the top reasons why what is not… well… your Grandma’s wheat.

1.  Today’s Wheat Isn’t Even Wheat…

Due to cross breading and genetic modification, the wheat we eat is nothing like it was in your Grandma’s day.

99% of the what that is grown in fields has huge seed heads and is stocky – and only two feet tall!

This is accomplished with a mix of crossing non-wheat grasses with wheat.

This is done by the irradiation of embryos and wheat seeds with gamma rays, high-dose X-rays, and chemicals in order to induce mutation.


2.  Modern Wheat Makes You Sick…

Some claim that wheat causes gas, indigestion, leaky gut syndrome, and can make you fat.

In fact, a piece of whole wheat toast spikes your blood sugar more than a Snickers Candy bar!

Genetically modified wheat that covers nearly a million acres in the American Pacific Northwest is known to have been created in a way that is poisonous to humans.

The wheat was found to have been created in a geneticist’s lab by exposing embryos and wheat seeds to the mutation and inducing sodium azide.

Sodium azide is POINSONOUS to humans and known to explode when handled!

What’s more – because hybridized wheat does not survive in the wild, farmers rely on pesticides and toxic fertilizers to keep these crops alive.


3.  The World Is MAD About GMO’s…

The U.S. doesn’t have GMO labeling, which makes it a country vulnerable to genetically modified ingredients in almost everything that hits grocery store shelves.

Coalitions of farmers worldwide have petitioned the Governments of the U.S. and Canada urging them not to introduce genetically modified wheat.

Flour companies in Japan reject genetically modified wheat.

Since 2009, a French environment group (MDRGF) voiced it’s concern of the chemical Roundup, which is used by Monsanto.

The French demanded removal of those products from market.

And the outrage spreads all over the world – even in some non-developed countries!


The Best Way To Heal Your Wheat Addiction…

We’re addicted to wheat -there’s no two ways about it.

Wheat spikes our insulin levels and leaves us crashing, like after eating a sugary piece of cake or doughnut.

Then we’re left craving more carbohydrates, which causes us to store more fat and eat more food than we need.

Do you feel addicted to wheat or carbohydrates containing wheat?

Bread?  Pasta?  Chips?

Well don’t worry – you can ease your precious body away from these dangerous foods once and for all.

My suggestion is to drink one cup of SlimTea before EVERY meal.

Drinking SlimTea before every meal will help you:

  • Lower appetite
  • Block fat-storing effects of carbs
  • Help to control insulin response

You CAN beat the addiction to wheat.

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