5 Tips To Stay Fit This Weekend...

5 Tips To Stay Fit This Weekend…


The weekends can be a really hard time to stay fit.  But if you’re like me, you know that you just CAN’T let yourself fall off the bandwagon.

If you’re looking to make this a fit, healthy, feel-good weekend, here are 5 tips I use regularly to keep my mind and body in shape.

1.  Plan your workouts.

Every couple weeks I request that my husband does a long hike or fishing trip with me as a ‘date’… one that burns beaucoup calories!  Planning workouts ahead of time – especially in the morning – will ensure that you don’t miss them!

2.  Make plans with healthy friends.

I’ve noticed that making plans with friends who’d rather go to a festival, take walks, and avoid drinking and eating tons of fattening foods can make for some of the most memorable, and the most fat-burning nights!

3.  Throw away toxic foods.

I found that when I have toxic foods in the house – I can’t bear to waste them. But your body is worth MORE than chemical-laden leftovers or processed boxed convenient foods.  Sometimes the best thing for your long-term health is just to get rid of the temptation!

4.  Avoid Sugar

Weekends are an easy time to overdo sugar.  I can eat an entire bag of grapes in one sitting, munch down a pack of pretzels in a weekend, and drink multiple virgin juice drinks that are loaded in calories.  And if it’s from a restaurant, it’s surely bad sugars or even high fructose corn syrup.  Try to go a whole weekend without sugar and see how your body begins to crave, then reset those cravings.

5.  Drink SlimTea

There’s NO better way to combat sugar cravings than with SlimTea.

SlimTea helps you feel more satiated during the day, and when taken 15 minutes before a meal, helps you eat less, and eat more of the right foods!

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