Sneaky Substance Alert in Your Cabinet!

Sneaky Substance Alert in Your Cabinet!

Picture this…

I’m on my “babymoon”… innocently crunching down the “gluten-free” option from the hotel’s “market” when I discover something that horrifies me.

The second ingredient in my Taro Chips is Canola Oil.

I grab the “Smart” popcorn, the gluten-free bagel chips, and even the vegetable dip in our refrigerator.

Everything in our “healthy” hotel room experience is dripping with vegetable and canola oils.

Do you use vegetable oils when cooking?

Do you think of them as healthy, especially when you see “vegetable” in the ingredients list?

You may have been sold a bill of goods by the food industry, which profits from making you think something is healthy when it may not be.

Vegetable oil is a great example.

How Americans Were Sold the Myth of “Healthy” Vegetable Oil

According to Drew Ramsey and Tyler Graham, authors of “The Happiness Diet,” vegetable oil has replaced animal fats in Americans’ diets.

And which mega-corporation do we have to thank?  That’d be Procter & Gamble.  Graham and Ramsey write:

“Thanks to Procter & Gamble, the United States boosted the production of a waste product of cotton farming, cottonseed oil. …Before processing, cottonseed oil is cloudy red and bitter to the taste because of a natural phytochemical called gossypol (it’s used today in China as male birth control) and is toxic to most animals, causing dangerous spikes in the body’s potassium levels, organ damage, and paralysis.”

The authors go on, “Procter & Gamble filed a patent application for the new creation in 1910, describing it as ‘a food product consisting of a vegetable oil, preferably cottonseed oil, partially hydrogenated, and hardened to a homogeneous white or yellowish semi-solid closely resembling lard.”

The product was Crisco, which Procter & Gamble then went on to convince Americans to use by hiring an advertising agency to promote Crisco as a healthy alternative.

“[Crisco] (like many of its imitators) was 50 percent trans fat,” the authors conclude, “and it wasn’t until the 1990s that its health risks were understood. It is estimated that for every two percent increase in consumption of trans fat (still found in many processed and fast foods) the risk of heart disease increases by 23 percent.”

Vegetable Oil and Cancer…

My husband was diagnosed with cancer just two weeks before our wedding and I take cancer-preventative medicine VERY seriously!

(And antioxidant rich SlimTea!)

Vegetable oils are high in polyunsaturated fats.

When you cook polyunsaturated fats, they break down into compounds that can increase your risk of lung cancer.

Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids are even seen to be “risk modifiers” for breast cancer and colon cancer.

“At least one-third of all human cancers may be associated with diet and influenced by lifestyle and physical exercise,” reads one study.

Evidence suggests that polyunsaturated fats damage your cells, which increases your risk of these cancers.

Removing Unnecessary Cancer Risks and Improving Your Odds…

Removing unhealthy polyunsaturated fats from your diet, while increasing your intake of high fiber fruits and vegetables, will promote your overall health and support your immune system.

This, in turn, helps prevent the cell damage that ultimately becomes cancer in your body

Drinking SlimTea is one way to add to your diet a healthy, organic source of antioxidants, which helps protect your cells and prevent that damage to cell membranes.

(Antioxidants have cancer-preventing properties.)

SlimTea is rich in catechins, a type of antioxidant that is especially valuable.

The polyphenols in SlimTea have even been demonstrated in laboratory studies to inhibit tumors!

We can’t prevent all diseases, but we CAN remove unnecessary risks where possible.

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