How To Use Your Gut To Fight Fat

How To Use Your Gut To Fight Fat

Digestive problems and food sensitivities can really put a damper on your weight loss success.

An unhealthy gut makes you more prone to illness, fatigue, and being overweight.

Lightening the load on your digestive system is a huge part of being healthy and slim.

In a time where our foods are loaded with environmental toxins and lab chemicals, keeping a healthy gut sometimes seems darn near impossible.

That’s why I try to incorporate these foods DAILY into my healthy lifestyle…

1. Leafy Greens…

Leafy greens are packed with antioxidants, just like SlimTea.

They sweep away toxins from the gut.

Worried that you can’t get enough of your greens from salads?

It may actually behoove you to cook your veggies with a little bit of healthy fat and acid.

This makes them easier to digest, and the healthy fat makes them more bioavailable, which means you’ll absorb them more fully.

2. Chia Seeds

I soak chia seeds almost every morning and add a teaspoon to my green juice or smoothie.

They’re full of fiber – helping you ‘flush’ things out.

In addition, they’re full of Omega=3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory.

3. Probiotics

I LOVE probiotics.

As a sufferer of many food allergies, leaky gut syndrome… and periodically a lot of stress in my life and business; probiotics help me maintain digestive balance and fight illness.

Some of my favorites are sauerkraut (I prefer Bubbie’s from the refrigerated section of Whole Foods), kimchi, “Bio-K” probiotic fermented rice drink (also refrigerated at Whole Foods) and probiotic supplements via pill form I take before bed with my apple cider vinegar, flaxseed oil… and prenatals!

My husband also loves Kombucha and we buy it by the jug.

Probiotics Probiotic foods can be a little sour but they’re great for nipping cravings in the bud.

Providing the gut with more good bacteria gives your whole body the chance to function better.

SlimTea girl at table

4.  SlimTea

Most of you know that SlimTea helps you lose weight fast.

That’s because this very rare tea raises your metabolism, which helps you burn more fat throughout the day.

For digestion, a raised metabolism helps your body break down food more quickly.

This helps you lose weight… and it also breaks down fat.

What’s more, SlimTea is great for gut health because it clears bad bacteria out of your digestive system!

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