The HOTTEST Way To Burn 2.5 Times More Fat...

The HOTTEST Way To Burn 2.5 Times More Fat…

One of my favorite ways to burn off excess body fat is to create heat within your body.

This is called thermogenesis.

How can you create thermogenesis, or heat within your body?

Well one way is to eat thermogenic foods.

Read how you can tailor your diet to HEAT up fat-loss.

A Guideline For HEATING UP Fat-Burning With Foods…

Good old fashioned protein is one way to enact thermogenesis and burn body fat.

But the modern diet keeps fat on your body.

It’s full of food that is processed, fake-fats, and starchy foods that cause you to build and store fat.

What’s more… fats are easy to process and store – which means they have a low thermogenic effect.

In fact, even though you produce more insulin after you eat processed grain-filled foods, raising your body temperature, your metabolism never kicks into high gear because it takes no effort break them down and store them as fat.

On the other hand, the higher the thermic effect of the foods you consume, the easier it is to reduce existing body fat.

This is one of the reasons why I recommend starting the day off with a healthy serving of protein like steak and eggs, instead of muffins, cereal and bagels.

Grains and other processed foods create little oxygen consumption in your fat tissue after you eat them, so they require almost no energy to store as fat.

The Oldest And Easiest Thermogenic Food In Existence…

Today, I also want to tell you about something that will help you ramp up thermogenesis and offset a modern, starch and grain-filled diet.

It’s actually one of  the oldest and simplest thermogenic food in existence.

What’s more – over a billion people in the East have used it to stay slim, like our ancestors have been for generations.

It’s called Oolong.

Oolong is a very special tea that activates your body’s internal furnace.

In fact, one particular type of oolong tea stands out from all the rest.

It’s made from leaves grown at high altitudes and is the very best at melting excess body fat.

Man drinking tea 20s

How Oolong Burns Body Fat…

How does oolong tea help burn fat?

Well it all starts with the way it’s produced.

All true tea comes from the same tea leaf, camellia sinensis.

Oolong tea is halfway between green and black teas.

What do I mean by that?

Black tea is fully fermented, green tea is non-fermented, and oolong is partially fermented.

That fermentation process brings out a couple of different compounds that help raise your metabolism and melt fat.

Because of this partial fermentation, the leaves are kept mostly whole, and therefore hold on to powerful antioxidants called catechins.

You may have heard of one of these catechins… it’s the anti-aging compound epigallocatechin, or EGCG.

EGCG helps your body trigger your internal thermogenesis switch to help your body heat up and melt fat for energy.1

The catechins in green tea help you melt fat … but the fermentation process brings out the flavonoids in the tea, like it does with black tea. These flavonoids help keep the fat off.

The Easiest Way To Block Fat and Reverse Signs Of Aging…

Numerous studies show that the antioxidant power of flavonoids help block starches from being absorbed into your body.2,3 And if the starches aren’t absorbed, they can’t turn into fat.

This partially fermented method of preparation enables oolong to hold on to both the EGCG of green tea and the flavonoids of black tea for a double attack on your fat cells.

So not only will you trigger thermogenesis, you’ll also be working to keep the starches from turning to fat on your body.

To get the most benefit, I suggest drinking two cups of oolong tea a day: one in the morning with breakfast and another with lunch.

One of the highest quality oolong teas I’ve found is one called Slim Tea.

The leaves come from extraordinarily rare plants produced at Mt. Wu Yi Shan in southeast China. When you brew it, there’s pleasant dark, rich coloring to it.

And, because of the leaves are grown as such a high altitude, it concentrates the fat-burning compounds in the leaves, which are kept through partial fermentation.

So each cup of Slim Tea tea burns over 2.5 times more fat than any other strand of oolong.

This means it would take 5 cups of any other type of oolong to equal two cups of Slim Tea.

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