The Truth About Stevia...

The Truth About Stevia…

Stevia has been claimed to be a perfect alternative to sugar.

In fact, it has even been used in Japan to help manage diabetes.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a calorie-free way to indulge your sweet tooth.

But if you’re honest with yourself you must be asking the same question as I do…

Is there really such a thing as a “perfect” substitute to sugar?

But wait…Is Stevia really the perfect substitute or are there any drawbacks?

What Are The Dangers Of Stevia?

So what’s the danger of using Stevia?

Well, some suspect that Stevia promotes weight gain, blood sugar disorders and adrenal stress.

One study even shows that Stevia can trigger the release of insulin.

When you experience an insulin spike, this may cause your body to store more fat.

What’s more, Stevia may cause your blood sugar to drop.

This is because Stevia is sweet to the taste.  Therefore, your body assumes it’s receiving sugar and begins to clear glucose from your bloodstream.

There are very few natural ways to regulate insulin spikes.

(Read about the BEST way to naturally regulate insulin spikes here.)

Stevia Side Effects…

So now we know how Stevia may cause your body to store fat by spiking insulin levels.

How can this negatively affect the rest of your body?

For one, when your body realizes that you aren’t receiving sugar, it seeks to gain sugar from other sources.

This process can stress your skin, muscles, and even immune function.

While Stevia may seem too good to be true, the rule of thumb is this: Everything in Moderation!

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