The Trick To Britney Spears' Weight Loss...

The Trick To Britney Spears’ Weight Loss…

Brittney Spears

There has been a LOT of controversy around Britney Spears’ dramatic weight loss since she came out on the cover of Women’s Health looking like the above picture.

The starlet has had several dramatic weight gains and losses over the years.

But she looks undeniably fit in the photos that have appeared.

After a quick Google search to find out what is Britney Spears’ weight loss trick, I found everything from “weight loss lollipops” to expensive cleanse programs.

How Did Britney Lose All That Weight?

Sadly, the truth is that there was no ‘quick fix’ in Britney’s dramatic weight loss.

Britney Spears is all set for the Vegas show, and she credits her sexy toned body and dramatic weight loss to a low carb diet and a regular yoga workout. She is going to show off her slim and toned abs at her upcoming Piece of Me live shows in Las Vegas.

The star revealed, “I am doing 90 minutes of yoga twice a week in addition to lots of cardio – hour-long sessions three times a week with my trainer…”
Her trainer indicates that Britney’s routine “sometimes involve what I call the “Four B’s. They include a mix of different exercises including sports, treadmill exercise, and ab workout.”

Still, Britney laments the loss of foods such as spaghetti and chocolate cookies, about which she claims she could eat the entire bowl of dough.

Lose Weight Faster and Easier… Without The Diet…

Not everybody has the time nor the money to hire a personal trainer like Britney Spears does.

Pretty much anybody can find a low-carb diet and workout routine like Britney Spears personal trainer found for her.

And there’s no shortage of fancy cleanses and gimmicks to spend your money on.

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