The Easiest Exercise For Six-Pack Abs...

The Easiest Exercise For Six-Pack Abs…

Lately I’ve been trying out this new exercise that I’ve been really excited to share with you.

Constantly I hear that it’s one of the top exercises you must do every day to have a rockin’ body.

Incorporating this exercise into my routine 4-5 days a week has been awesome for my core strength.

It looks ridiculously easy – but trust me – in about 10-15 seconds you’re going to feel an amazing burn!

The exercise is called a “plank“.

Many say that there’s no exercise better than planks for core strength (and who doesn’t want to avoid crunches?)

As it relates to time and effectiveness, it’s top of the heap.

Here are 5 reasons you MUST do planks…

Stomach Muscles

1.  Planks Define Your Abs…

Who doesn’t want better defined abs?

Planks target your Planks engage the glutes, obliques,  transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, and give you overall stomach definition.

By working all these muscles instead of just one or two of them, you’ll be closer to getting that sexy six pack or hourglass shape you’ve been coveting in vain with crunches.

2. Planks Reduce Injury Risk…

If your core is strong, you’ll be able to perform a lot more activities without twisting, contorting, or even injuring other muscles in the body.

In addition, a strong core helps you build muscles that protect your hips and spine.

If you’ve ever had back problems – you know how much pain you can save yourself by having a strong core, back, and hips!

3. Planks Are “Flexible”…

You can be pretty much in a space as small as an airplane aisle to do planks.

They’re awesome for people who like to travel or workout without equipment, like during a lunch hour.

Doing a few quick planks is a great way to burn calories and boost your metabolism!

4. Planks Improve Your Posture…

If your core is strong, you’re less likely to hunch over and have poor posture.

Good posture contributes to healthy circulation and overall lessening of back aches and pain caused by poor posture.

In addition, planks help improve your balance and overall equilibrium.

How Do I Perform Planks?

There are dozens of variations on planks.

Start with this easy forearm plank. Try to go 15 seconds, then 30, then up to a whole minute at a time!

You can plank holding your body straight while perched up on your elbows for starters.

This is called the “forearm plank”.

Try to go 15 seconds, then 30, then up to a whole minute at a time!

The side plank will take a lot of core strength to work up to – it looks much easier than it is!

When you get really good you can try a side plank, keeping your body facing a wall and holding yourself up with one hand.

This type of plank is a LOT harder than it looks!

To switch things up a bit, you can put your feet on a Bosu or Exercise ball to challenge your balance even further!

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