This "Bum" Exercise Torches Fat...

This “Bum” Exercise Torches Fat…

Hispanic woman doing squats by the water

I’m a HUGE believer in exercise. I drink SlimTea every day to help:

  • Boost Metabolism
  • Aid Digestion
  • Naturally Raise Energy Levels
  • Cleanse & Detox
  • Fight Acne
  • Burn up to 523 MORE calories every day (SlimTea capsules)

… But exercise is the way that I am staying muscular and preventing a lot of the ailments that haunt people in old age.  (I’ll explain more on that in a second.)

One of my absolute favorite exercises (I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about it before) is Squats.

Squats are pretty simple – you keep your back straight, bend at the knees, and come back up.

But did you know about all the other amazing benefits of Squats?  Here they are…

Woman Doing Squats

7 Shocking Benefits of Squats…

1.  All-Over Muscle

  • Squats build leg muscles (if you’ve ever done too many, you know *that* burn!) What’s more, they facilitate an anabolic cardio workout, which helps your whole body!  Squats are HOT for bodybuilders because they give you a surge of testosterone and human growth hormone.  And in case you didn’t know this – they’re the “big butt” exercise for people trying to tighten and “lift” their rear ends!

2.  They’re Functional…

  • You squat every day to put on your shoes or pick things up from the ground.  What’s nice about squats as an exercise is that they strengthen you for an activity you do every day.  Building leg muscle is one thing, but you also build mobility and balance with squats.

3.  They Prevent Injuries…

  • Athletic injuries are rampant… and they can destroy the progress of somebody who has worked for months, or even years to lose weight and get in shape.  Squats are a great workout to help you prevent injuries because they strengthen your stabilizer muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues.

4.  They Make You More “Super”…

  • You’re pretty super.  But squats can help you jump higher and run faster.  And guess what?  While you may not be in the NBA, these are important activities to be able to perform – whether it’s to play soccer on the weekends, or to play with your kids!

5.  They Help You “Go”…

  • Squats help you body pump more fluids, which assists with digestion.  It also helps your body deliver nutrition to your tissues, glands, and organs.

6.  They Tone Your “Bum”…

  • Squats are amazing for building your ‘backside’.  They tone your abs and legs, and especially your rear end.  Strengthening these muscle groups assists with the regulation of glucose, lipid metabolism, and insulin sensitivity.  This helps your body fight obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

7.  They Burn FAT!

  • Did you know for every pound of muscle you gain, you burn an extra 50-70 calories per day?!  That means that if you put on 5 pounds of muscle, you burn between 250 and 350 MORE calories every day!  Squats are great for building muscle and they take barely any time at all.  They’re efficient and effective!

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