The Truth About Fasting...

The Truth About Fasting…
I’ve had a lot of questions recently about a trick I’ve mentioned just a few times in my emails.
That trick is fasting.  I actually began the practice of fasting when I was in church ministry.
It’s a popular practice that’s used across many world religions, and I can see why!
As a long-time sufferer of several food allergies (gluten, soy, eggs, dairy), I find that an occasional fast does wonders to help my body focus on healing and repairing.
Plus, with no food to digest, your body can focus on other things!
Do you know why you feel lethargic after you eat a large meal?
It’s because your body is actually working overtime to digest what you just ate!

How Digestion Effects Your Immune System…

Have you heard of the “thermic effect”?
It refers to the amount of energy your body uses up while digesting food.
The thermic effect varies from food type to food type.
Some foods are easier to digest than others, and require less energy.
For instance; it takes 3% of fat calories to digest those fats, but it takes ten times that — 30% of the calories you consume — to digest proteins.
Digestion takes center stage in our bodies’ processes.
And that’s why a periodic fast helps my body take a breather from digestion to focus on fighting diseases and other functions that get pushed aside in the day-to-day.

Researcher holding up a DNA strand in the laboratory
The Science Behind Fasting…

Researchers at the University of Southern California say that fasting can even prompt stem cells to produce new white blood cells, which fight infection.
The USC researchers concluded that this is especially helpful for people whose immune systems are compromised, such as cancer patients and the elderly.
Ultimately, says the new study, fasting can regenerate the entire immune system, because fasting forces your body to try and conserve energy.
One of the ways it does this, the scientists point out, is to recycle unused immune cells, which helps sweep up any that are damaged and replace them with fresh cells.

Fasting and SlimTea…

When I fast, I generally don’t go a full 24 hours.
Once per week, I finish dinner and then fast until dinner the following day.
Sometimes I will fast an entire day — particularly if I’ve just been traveling a lot or if I’ve had a lot of restaurant foods (which invariably does a number on my system), but I generally don’t like to miss dinner with my family – so the skipping lunch and breakfast route really works nicely for me.
Remember – I’d talk to your doctor before doing ANY fasting whatsoever.
And most importantly – when I fast I drink TONS of water.
In order to really allow your body to detoxify and focus on higher functions, I wouldn’t introduce anything but water to your system while fasting.
Periodically, I’ll also have a cup of SlimTea because it helps suppress appetite.
I’ll generally wait until the late afternoon before drinking SlimTea while doing my fast – just before dinner.
Remember that SlimTea is a powerful diet tea with about a third the caffeine of a cup of coffee.
However, because too much caffeine on an otherwise empty stomach could make you jittery, make sure you consider that carefully before drinking SlimTea on an empty stomach!
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