Try THIS "Bedroom" Fat-Shedding Trick...

Try THIS “Bedroom” Fat-Shedding Trick…

Did you know that insomnia dates back to the 1600’s?

Historian Roger Ekirch theorizes that insomnia started in Paris during the late 1600’s when the first street lamps were used.

This allowed people to stay up later – (and in Paris I can only imagine they were using the night hours to stay up drinking espresso and smoking even then!)

Ekrich theorizes that our bodies are meant to sleep in two 4-hour increments.

And because we aren’t on that pattern, insomnia prevails in modern society.

Not getting enough sleep is TERRIBLE for your weight loss plan – and your overall happiness!

How Bad Sleep Leads To Weight Gain…

Approximately 40% of Americans report getting only 6 hours of sleep or LESS per night.

Researchers at Columbia University found that sleeping less than 7 hours a night leads to weight gain… and a tougher time losing the weight you gain!

One of the biggest obstacles to sleep today is the constant connection to electronic devices… and to the glowing screens that are part of these.

Sleep can help you lose MORE weight in the following ways:

  1. It Cuts Out Late Night Snacking
  2. It Improves Brain Function- And You Eat Less!
  3. It Helps You Burn 20% MORE Calories After Eating
  4. It Boosts Your Metabolism 5% Even While You’re Resting
  5. It Helps You Make Better Food Choices
  6. It Encourages Portion Control

How To Shed MORE Fat… And Sleep Better!

To sleep better, you should avoid all electronic devices for at least an hour or two before you go to bed.

That means no television, Twitter, Tablets, or smartphones.

Try to find ways to let your mind relax.

This might mean reading a book under adequate but not overpowering lighting.

It might also mean simply letting your self sit and be quiet for a while, something we rarely, if ever do these days.


And here’s a REALLY cool thing.

You’ll get BETTER sleep if you flush toxins from your body!

That’s right – a detoxified body helps you get more natural, restful sleep!

The EASIEST way I know to flush toxins from your body is to drink SlimTea.

It helps flush toxins from your insides… and even helps cleanse your skin to fight acne!

Read MORE about how SlimTea helps you detoxify your body – and get better Zzzz’s tonight!