Skinny Tricks For Fast Weight Loss...

Skinny Tricks For Fast Weight Loss…

If you search the Internet, you will find literally millions of sites dedicated to diet tips.

With all this information, how do you know which ones to follow?

We know that the best “diets” are not diets at all… but simple lifestyle changes that burn weight steadily every day.

Here are my faves…

1.  Listen To Your Hunger Cues…

I often eat lunch or dinner just because my husband does.

But there are times that I have to allow him to eat alone because I realize that I’m just not hungry!

Here’s how I know… I listen to my body’s “hunger cues”.

Michele May who authored ‘Am I Hungry’ advises that when your craving to eat is not physical, you aren’t actually hungry.

Perhaps you’re feeling the emotional or psychological pull to eat.

Moreover, you should rather feel energetic than tired or stuffed after finishing a meal.

By keeping the size of your meals reasonable, you will be able to understand your cues of hunger and fullness.

2.  Try THIS Mood-Swing Trick…

Many of us turn to chocolates, chips or junk foods when we feel sad, happy or anxious.

Jumping on food to cope with your mood swings is the worst thing for your weight loss goals.

Instead, you can read a book that you have been wanting to for a long time, listen to your favorite music, scrapbook, take a walk, play with your pet, or practice meditation to elevate your mood.

You’ll definitely feel the difference!

3.  Put All Your Treats Under Lock And Throw Away The Key…

Well… that’s not actually practical.

Instead, I AVOID keeping treats that I tend to binge on in my home.

These include salty treats like popcorn, pretzels, and other processed junk foods that I may mindlessly munch.

If you’re planning on a family treat, walk to the nearest ice cream parlor or Fro-Yo stand.

My husband and I use this tactic when we feel an ice cream attack coming on.

By the time we get to the store, we’re so energized by our walk that we don’t feel like mindlessly binging on ice cream and usually stick to a single satisfying scoop.

4.  Beware of Nighttime Munching…

There are lots of reasons we munch at night.

Perhaps we eat dinner too early for how late we’re staying up.

Or perhaps you sit in front of a television or computer with chips or chocolates in front of you.

Whatever you’re doing – try to stick to high-protein foods late at night that will satisfy you and not cause you to have insulin spikes right before bed!

(You’ll sleep better, too!)

Drink SlimTea only until 3 p.m. if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

Our tea has between 17 and 22 mg of caffeine per serving, which is 1/3 a cup of coffee… but may still cause you to stay up later than you want if you’re sensitive to caffeine!

5.  Cure Carb Cravings

My favorite way to curb carb cravings is with 100% Natural SlimTea.

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