#1 Food To AVOID For Weight Loss?

#1 Food To AVOID For Weight Loss?


OK, Enough With This Gluten-Free Diet “stuff”!

Do you find yourself saying that sometimes?

Suddenly bread, soy sauce, and granolas have gone gluten free…

… And it isn’t just a pain to try to keep up… it’s also expensive!

If you’re anything like I was just a couple years ago – this “Gluten-Free” thing may seem out of control.

But like I was – you may also be plagued with digestive issues, bloating…

Even weight that you absolutely CAN’T seem to lose no matter how hard you diet, exercise, or even fast.

Gluten in our diets is widely acknowledged by medical doctors as a cause of weight gain and sluggishness.

Today, most people certainly know the word “Gluten”; but just ten years ago it sounded totally foreign in our vocabulary.

This begs the question: if it wasn’t such a big deal then – why is it suddenly such a big deal now?

What Is Gluten?

Gluten is, in fact, a protein.

It’s found in grains, barley, rye, and wheat.

(Yes, I said it. “Wheat toast” is no longer the health food of choice at breakfast time.  Nor are English Muffins…)

Some people are actually allergic to gluten; they have a disease called Celiac.

But you’re not likely one of these people.

So Why Do You Care?

Even though your chances of being Celiac are perhaps only 1 in 33 people, gluten still concerns you.

You see, gluten is found in a lot of processed foods.

This means that avoiding gluten coincides with avoiding foods that you shouldn’t eat when you’re trying to lose weight.

Processed foods are riddled with empty calories, chemicals, and even preservatives and artificial flavors that are toxic to our bodies.

Moreover, our bodies still aren’t evolved in a way to process “processed foods.”

We just don’t digest them as well!

Just because you don’t have Celiac disease doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.

You may be gluten intolerant.


Does Gluten Harm Non-Celiacs?

Short answer – probably yes.

Cutting out gluten includes cutting out wheat.

Wheat has gluten-containing grains that have “gliadin” in them.

Gliadin binds to cells in your body.

This causes your body to make antibodies to gliadin.

Then your body attacks it’s OWN cells – the ones to which gliadin has attached itself.

As your body attacks it’s own cells, surrounding tissues in your body are damaged.

This can set off a myriad of other health problems in your body – preexisting or original.

BEWARE:  Why 81% of People On A Gluten-Free Diet GAINED Weight!

Gluten is hiding everywhere!

But avoiding it isn’t the problem.

In fact, one study of Celiac patients found that 81% of them GAINED weight over a two-year period.

That’s because cutting gluten doesn’t eliminate high fructose corn syrup and other nasty, processed foods.

Rather than cutting gluten, cut ALL processed foods where possible.

Processed foods often contain refined carbohydrates; which are linked to weight gain.

Beware!  Many “Low-Fat” and “Fat Free” foods are the WORST offenders.

And don’t be fooled by “gluten-free” processed foods, either.

It’s FAR better to avoid processed foods and stick to foods as Nature has provided them!

This Is Your Brain On Gluten…

This might be the most shocking gluten fact of all.

Researchers found that proteins like gluten contain exorphins.

Exorphins find a way into your brain and may cause brain disfunction, even symptoms like schizophrenia!

Moreover, grains cause inflammation.

Therefore, they can exacerbate any disease or ailment you have which is tied to chronic inflammation.

Mental health issues, for one, are widely believed to be exacerbated by inflammation.

This is why people commonly claim that their mental and emotional health benefit when gluten is removed from their diet.

What Can I Do?

To truly benefit from a gluten-free life, you need to learn how to use foods as nature provided them, without the processing.

But, you DON’T have to be an expert chef!

That’s every order of SlimTea comes with a FREE gluten-free survival cookbook to help you keep torching fat, and feeling GREAT.

Start practicing the recipes at home by yourself, and then use them to share with friends!

You may not need to go gluten-free, but you can ALWAYS try to limit highly caloric and processed foods from your diet.

If you’re looking for help, check out the resources I’ve provided you HERE to help you get lose weight, manage your digestion, and even try going gluten-free!