Shed Fat This Week With These 7 Tricks...

Shed Fat This Week With These 7 Tricks…

Do you have mixed feelings about “Mondays”?

Maybe your weekends tend to be extreme.  Sometimes they’re full of fun, activity, exercise, and healthy eating…

…And every so often they’re a bit lazy – both in action and in diet!

There’s nothing wrong with taking the weekend to reboot.

In fact, it can be really good for both your body… and your mind!

Don’t get the “Monday’s”.  Instead, here are 7 ways to kick-start your week with simple, FUN exercises that don’t require dumbbells, or even a gym!

1.  Run with your pet – or borrow somebody else’s!

Running and walking with (wo)man’s best friend incorporates sprints, balancing, and lots of squats!  (For petting, eye contact, and treats!)

My dogs and I love to run together.

But if you’re not a runner, dogs love walking too!  (Especially when there are lots of new smells to sniff!)

You’ll find that the health of the owner and the health of the pet often coincide.

What’s beautiful about dogs is that they force you to get consistent exercise every day… or else they’ll act out!

Talk about a weight loss accountability partner!

2.  Dance like nobody’s watching…

Put on music that makes you want to get your groove on and then look at yourself dance in the mirror.

This might seem silly at first – but you can get an incredible ab workout when you focus on moving your core.

Latino and Raggaeton are incredible for dancing – but I have friends who maintain killer abs with belly dancing, too.

I did a lot of dancing during my pregnancy once the rest of my cardio routines slowed down and it was an awesome way to keep my core strong and my mood elevated.

(Let me know if you find a good playlist for “weight loss dancing!”)

3.  Do something that would make your mother blush…

I can’t believe how many friends have taken up pole dancing – even modest, otherwise shy “church” women I know!

Pole classes incorporate spins, climbs, and dance for an ‘interval’ type workout- which is widely acknowledged as one of the very best ways to burn fat!

Pole dancing combines two critical workout types that are incredibly difficult to combine; isotonic and isometric.

You get isotonic workouts because you contract muscles through controlled movement.

Isometric movements involve pushing your muscles against a solid object while remaining frozen in one position.

Lifting weights… doing pushups… or doing a pole spin?  Take your pick!

4.  Paintball…?

Yes, Paintball.

Many of my friends looking to get in shape have recently taken up paintball… and you wouldn’t believe how sore they come back after a day of playing!

It’s incredible how fat melts off your body when you’re running around dodging paint balls and chasing people.

You’ll find that paintball attracts people of all ages who want to run around, have fun, and get an amazing workout in the process.

Moreover, when stalking your target – you maintain a squat position that’s incredible to workout you core and thighs.

Plus – you can bring your whole family!

5.  Go explore…

If you want to incorporate exercise into your day in a really fun way, go explore something!

Maybe there’s an art museum two miles from your house.  Don’t cab it or drive – walk!

Or perhaps you can use an app to find restaurants that are one to two miles from your home that you’d like to try.

Find 3 or 4 things you’d like to do this week that are one or two miles from home and plan on walking there instead of driving.

6.  Create family time…

I can’t believe how kids play – it seems like they’ll never tire!

I recently went to a child’s birthday party at a children’s museum and I couldn’t believe how much I ran, jumped, and lifted thirty to forty-pound munchkins.

You’ll be the hit of the neighborhood if you offer to babysit your friends’ kids for free!

They don’t have to know it’s for your weight loss plan 😉

7.  Breeze through errands…

When you find that your calendar doesn’t allow for much wiggle room – here’s a fun trick.

Go to a big shopping area where you can spend your lunch hour or some time after work speed-walking your errands.

Maybe your butcher is a ten minute walk from the electronics store and fifteen minutes from the pharmacy.

Write down all the ‘things’ you need to get done this week and then find a place where you can kick off your heels and put on some trainers and burn calories while you get it all done!

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