Pretty Much The Biggest Announcement EVER...

Pretty Much The Biggest Announcement EVER…
I’ve been dreaming about today ever since I became CEO of SlimTea, LLC (then called “Okuma Nutritionals”) back in October of 2013.  Like, literally dreaming. Every.  Single.  Day.

Our company has been the world’s leading purveyor of weight loss tea since 1998.

Since then, over 4 million boxes of our delicious Wuyi-Mountain Oolong have helped over 700,000 people lose weight and feel great.

But there have been a LOT of knock-offs over the years trying to steal our name with substandard tea.  Grrrr…..

SlimTea Grade, Region, Altitude, Characteristics.

That’s when I decided it was time for a full-on re-launch…

And we adopted the name “SlimTea”.

But we haven’t just changed our name, we’ve also hunted the world over for an even MORE powerful, more POTENT, more DELICIOUS Slimming Tea.

Starting TODAY – EVERY box of SlimTea is a NEW, highly-concentrated Wuyi mountain Oolong Tea that’s even more packed with:

·      Slimming polyphenols

·      Free-radical fighting antioxidants

·      Delicious floral flavor

… and, oh yeah.

SlimTea StoryThere’s one more BIG SURPRISE for you today.

Our tea is now 100% Certified Organic!

As you can imagine, it cost a lot of money for us to acquire a 100% Organic tea certification on one of the world’s most remote plantations.

However, THIS WEEK you’ll enjoy our brand new 100% organic tea… at a grandfathered rate.

Instead of raising our prices this week – we’re kicking off our new tea by giving you the chance to pay our 1998 prices – FOREVER.

>>  Check out this page to secure the NEW SlimTea… at our OLD prices TODAY!

I don’t know how long I’ll offer our grandfathered “1998” pricing on the new, super-powerful Organic Wuyi-Mountain Oolong!

>>>  So please be sure to secure your 1998 pricing NOW before it’s too late!

Oh, yeah.  And I want to take this time to say THANK YOU.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate YOU for being a part of our SlimTea family.


~ Stephanie

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