Scientists Debunk These 5 Meat "Myths"...

Scientists Debunk These 5 Meat “Myths”…

  Meat for the grill

Yesterday I saw a great, concise video that resonated with a lot of my personal beliefs about red meat.

Don’t get me wrong – I was a vegetarian, and even a vegan for a period of time.

But after incorporating occasional consumption of red meat, I found that I really was misled by some of my beliefs about red meat consumption.

Here are just a few interesting misconceptions that have since been shown to be more fiction than fact…

Even if you DON’T eat meat, there are a lot of valuable take aways, so please read this whole article until the very end.

1.  Meat Causes Heart Disease…

Here’s what’s REALLY important about this one…

There is no inherent link between unprocessed red meats and heart disease.

HOWEVER, consumption of PROCESSED meats has, indeed, been linked to Coronary Heart Disease and Diabetes.

2.  Meat Makes You Fat…

Meat IS high in fat and calories.

BUT, it’s also high in protein.

Why is that good?

  • Protein AIDS in weight loss
  • It BOOSTS your metabolism
  • Increasing protein causes you to eat LESS calories throughout the day

So here’s the most important thing: DO NOT eat processed meats.  DO eat HIGH QUALITY meats, especially if you want to lose weight.

processed meats

3.  Meat Damages Your Body…

Some people believe that the protein in meat leaches calcium from your bones and strains your kidneys.

In fact, they’re RIGHT that in the short term, calcium can be lost.

HOWEVER, the long term effect of a high-protein diet increases bone density.

And in the long term, the only people with weakened kidneys are those with kidney disease, which is not caused by a high protein diet.

4.  Meat Causes Cancer…

Any time I hear that something causes cancer… it gives me pause!

My husband is a recent leukemia survivor and let me tell you: people tell us that virtually EVERYTHING causes cancer!

Too many fruits, too few vegetables, juicing, not juicing, sleeping facing the east… (I made that one up, but I’m sure somebody purports that’s true!)

Here’s what scientists HAVE linked:

  • Processed meats increase likelihood of cancer
  • Overcooked (charred) meats may increase cancer risks
  • Gently-cooked red meat poses much less of a threat…

End of story: there’s very little evidence linked red meat to cancer.

girl eating meat

5.  Meat Rots In Your Colon…

When I was a child, I really believed that every time I ate meat, the entire piece would sit in my stomach and rot for 30 days until passing.

Somewhere along the line, I heard somebody mention that meat is not digested in your colon.

The truth is that anything that isn’t digested in your colon is absorbed into your bloodstream.

The only thing that does ferment in your stomach is vegetables, which is as it should be.

The belief that meat “rots” in your colon has no scientific basis.

 There are a few key takeaways from this, whether or not you eat red meat.

 #1 – Processed Foods Are NEVER A Good Choice…

Don’t get me wrong – I have a MAJOR weakness for bags of Snyder’s Gluten Free Pretzels – and I know they’re less than stellar for my health.

But any time you can avoid processed foods, oils, or condiments – do it.

 #2 – High Protein Diets Help With Healthy Bones, and Help You Lose Weight!

One of the primary reasons my veganism left me hungry, and overweight – was because I wasn’t getting enought protein in my diet.

Make sure that you know sources of quality fat and protein, such as seeds, nuts, and avocadoes.

They’re great in smoothies!

 #3 – Protect Your Body Against Real Threats…

Some of the many threats to your health and longevity that we touched upon in this article are:

  • Diabetes
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Bone Density Loss
  • Cancer
  • Gut Damage

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It helps lower cholesterol and fight heart disease.

It also assists with creating stronger bones, and even strengthens your teeth!

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