10 AMAZING Benefits Of This 2-Step Morning Trick

10 AMAZING Benefits Of This 2-Step Morning Trick


First thing in the morning is when the body needs nutritional replenishment the most.  Breakfast is called such because you are breaking a ‘fast’ you’ve taken overnight.

As such, mornings are when we must be extra diligent about what foods and beverages we break the fast with – they can set the tone for the entire day!  For instance, sugary foods can cause extreme insulin spikes and lead to fatigue and fat storage throughout the day.  That’s why I like to stick to veggies and protein at breakfast – like delicious omelettes or savory smoothies.

You also want to make sure you can get the health benefits that help with the standard bodily functions, such as digestion, removal, energy production, and etc.

That’s why I start every day with SlimTea with Lemon.  Here’s why…

1)     Improved Digestion

The body will be able to digest food easier throughout the day as a result of drinking SlimTea in the morning.

In fact, Lemon Juice is composed in a similar fashion to stomach acids.

It supports the weakening and removal of unwanted toxins, leaving the digestive tract and then the body.

The juice of a lemon can also remediate bloating, heartburn, and indigestion, as well as support healthy bowel movements.

2)     Better Hydration

The body will be bettered hydrated after Lemon SlimTea in the morning.

This is obviously the result of consuming tea, as the lemon doesn’t do much to add to your body’s hydration levels.

Coffee, on the other hand, may actually dehydrate you in the morning.

Plus, lemon SlimTea is much more delicious that water – so where one glass of water might be boring, you will want to drink two or more cups of SlimTea in a sitting because it’s so delicous!


3)     Strengthened Immune System

There is a considerable amount of vitamin C found in lemon juice.

Vitamin C supports strengthening of the immune system.

This contributes towards a quicker and easier recovery from colds and flus.

It’s not just the vitamin C that helps the immune system, though. Lemon juice also creates a greater level of iron absorption through dietary consumptions.

4)     Weight Loss

Lemon SlimTea will not do “miracles” for weight loss purposes, but it sure does help you shed significant pounds FAST and boost your metabolism!

For example, adding a bit of flavor to water can make it easier to continue drinking water instead of other, calorie-filled drinks or acidic drinks like soda and coffee.

Plus, lemon intake can help to lower the frequency and severity of food cravings and to improve your metabolic rate.

5)     Cleanse the Body

There are cleansing benefits that come from drinking lemon water.

The lemon juice can assist with the removal of unwanted toxins.

It can also help alleviate damage of cells, organs, and tissues.

Essentially, lemon juice will help to constantly flush out the urinary tract, which keeps it free of toxins.

It can also contribute towards a change in pH levels, which reduces the extensiveness of bacterial growth.


6)     Get Smarter

Drinking lemon SlimTea can help you to smarten up and face your day with a more intelligent and quicker-witted approach.

This is because of the considerable amount of magnesium and potassium found in lemon juice.

This helps with the healthiness of the nervous system and the brain.

SlimTea also helps you concentrate more and improves mood and productivity because of the presence of L-Theanine and a wee bit of caffeine found in SlimTea.

SlimTea with Lemon is a killer combination for your body, and your brain!

7)     Kick a Caffeine Habit

Lemon SlimTea consumption can also help to eliminate a bad caffeine habit.

SlimTea doesn’t give you the jittery ‘burst’ that coffee does, but rather it provides lasting energy all day long.

It may take a week or two for your body to be used to lemon SliTea instead of a highly caffeintated drink, but it will be well worth it in the end.

8)     Improve Skin Health

There are many antioxidants found in lemon juice, and infinitely more in SlimTea!

These are known for fighting off free radicals, which otherwise contribute towards quicker aging of the skin.

The vitamin C in lemon juice is one of the most helpful components of lemon water for improving skin health.

It helps to improve elasticity of the skin, reduce blemishes, and prevent the creation of wrinkles.


9)     Lower Mucus and Phlegm

The production of mucus and phlegm can be lowered through regular lemon SlimTea consumption.

Mucus development is something that is especially common in individuals who consume extensive amounts of cow’s milk.

If you are unprepared to stop with dairy consumption, then adding in some lemon SlimTea to your morning can help you break that habit.

10)  Anti-Cancer

The antioxidants in lemons aren’t just helpful to the skin and for various bodily functions, but also for the prevention of various types of cancer as well.

Typically, cancer growth takes place on an acidic platform.

Lemon water can help with alkalizing the body and reducing the risk of cancer cell growth.

Cancer rates among Oolong Tea drinkers is much lower than average, and studies show that this may be due to epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG.

What’s more, the catechins in SlimTea help to suppress tumors inside your body!

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