Jennifer Aniston's Weight Gain Shocker...

Jennifer Aniston’s Weight Gain Shocker…

Last week at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards- people were going GAGA over Jennifer Aniston.

She’s 45 years old and has a body that many women 25 years her junior lust after.

You know what I’m about to tell you, right?

Aniston doesn’t sit around eating bon-bons all day.

She works hard: yoga, running, Pilates, and free weights.

Recently, Aniston stopped training for over two MONTHS in order to play the role of a woman addicted to painkillers in the move “Cake”.

On the red carpet Sunday Aniston states, “at first I was thrilled, because I said ‘this will be so great I don’t have to work out.”

Talk about a woman in control of her body – she was thrilled to stop working out… and gain weight for a movie?!

However, what Aniston discovered is shocking.

What Happened When Jennifer Aniston Stopped Working Out…

Can you see where this story is going?

Aniston found that working out actually wasn’t the walk in the park she hoped it’d be.

She stated, “after a few weeks it really does start to affect your sleep, your stamina throughout the day, your mood.  We take for granted how important [exercise] is and why we do it.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

How do YOU feel on days when you can’t workout?

How to you copy with feeling groggy, anxious, or even depressed?

Some days it’s not possible to make it to the gym.

In my case, some days it isn’t even possible to go downstairs and pick up my free weights for fifteen minutes!

I’m not alone.

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