How To Turn Stored Fat Into Energy...

How To Turn Stored Fat Into Energy…

If you’re trying to lose weight and live longer, you’ve probably heard of these things called “Antioxidants”.

But did you know that there are special antioxidants called polyphenols that help you torch tons of fat from your body?

And there’s a very special polyphenol called “Epigallocatechin Gallate”, or “EGCG” that you should know about.

EGCG is an antioxidant, a polyphenol that is primarily found in tea.

Antioxidants are wonderful for you.

They help your body repair damage, prevent harm, and flush out toxins while boosting your immune system.

And best yet – they increase calorie burn and help your body turn stored fat into energy!

One study from the University of Chicago showed that rats reduced their calorie intake by 60 percent after seven daily EGCG injections.

This, in turn, allowed them to lose 21 percent of their body weight!

Researchers believe that the EGCG may alter the levels of “hunger hormones,” thus reducing the appetite and helping you lose weight fast.

More famous studies have shown that EGCG can help boost metabolism and burn fat.

For instance, one French study indicates that metabolic rates were increased by four percent after 90mg of EGCG was consumed three times per day.  Doesn’t that sound too easy?

How can you get your hands on this amazing antioxidant?

Well, it isn’t actually isn’t that easy.

A lot of popular beverages at the grocery store claim to have EGCG… but are usually found to have levels much lower than advertised.

However, there is a very special tea that has enormously high levels of EGCG.

A third party found that this tea has over 110 mg of EGCG per serving.  That’s powerful!

Talk about an easy way to boost your metabolism and burn more fat!

==>  Here’s how you can infuse use this antioxidant to SKYROCKET fat loss today…