5 Ways To Stop Overeating…

Overeating is one of the major causes of obesity in America.  Sometimes you don’t know you’re doing it – i.e. pigging out on popcorn in front of the television or mindlessly munching chips at the pool table.

But whether you tend to overeat without realizing it, or whether you can’t help yourself but to frequent the ‘All You Can Eat’ Chinese buffets… overeating can derail your weight loss plan!

What’s more, it can lead to serious health conditions, and not the least of these is depression and heart conditions.  In fact, that’s one reason they say that heart attacks spike during holidays.

Tips on How to Prevent Overeating

1.  Don’t Skip Meals To Cut Calories…

I’m a huge fan of intermittent fasting – that is fasting for 16-18 hours to give your body a chance to reset, promote healthy gut bacteria, and fight disease.

But skipping meals to save calories for meals later in the evening is a no-no. What you’re doing is setting yourself up to become overwhelmed with hunger and make worse food choices once you finally eat again.

Instead of skipping meals, my suggestion is actually the following:

2.  Don’t Eat On A Schedule…

Eating just ‘because’ it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner doesn’t make sense as much as skipping meals when you’re hungry doesn’t make sense.  Yep, you guessed it. The best way to prevent overeating is to eat only when you’re hungry.  The other night I had a meal rich with fatty meats, nutritious vegetables, and protein-packed black beans.   But the next day I barely felt like eating anything but salads and raw almonds until dinner.

Was this unhealthy?  Not necessarily.  My body had plenty of calories, protein, and fat from the previous night’s  meal and I didn’t ‘need’ big breakfast or lunch the following day.

There’s no reason you “have to” eat three square meals every day.   In fact, many nutritionists will recommend 5-8 small meals per day to keep your metabolism roaring as opposed to three meals daily.

3.  Don’t Eat THIS At Breakfast…

One of the best ways to prevent yourself from overeating is to NOT eat carbs at breakfast.  Eating protein, fat, and drinking SlimTea at breakfast will help you crave less food throughout the rest of the day, and keep you satiated enough not to overeat at your next meal or snack.

People often overeat when they feel sluggish or their energy levels are low. Plus, low blood sugar levels trigger food cravings; another main reason for overeating.

However, eating a healthy, satisfying, protein and fat-packed breakfast is shown to help regulate your blood sugar, and SlimTea will help you avoid insulin spikes and block fat-storing effects of starches.

I don’t recommend skipping breakfast, as many studies suggest that skipping breakfast often leads to MORE weight gain.

4.  Don’t Eat When You’re Thirsty…

One of the main reasons people overeat or eat when they aren’t hungry is because they’re actually THIRSTY!

Drink a glass of iced SlimTea before EVERY meal to help you curb your appetite before you indulge.  You will often find that the liquid makes you feel more full, and that you aren’t as ravenously hungry after the SlimTea.  Plus, SlimTea stimulates digestion and metabolism, helping you quickly process your food into energy.

5.  Drink Lots of Water…

In order to maintain a very healthy weight and muscular figure, I drink water all day.

It makes my abs look better, gives me tons of energy, and it also curbs hunger pangs without adding calories to my diet.

I always make a pitcher of iced SlimTea in the morning and sip it throughout the day.

While only 2 cups of SlimTea per day is recomended for weight loss and increased metabolism, many studies show participants have the *best* results when drinking an entire liter of SlimTea every day.

I believe that SlimTea is SO delicious that you can reuse your bag for a second 1/2 or even FULL cup after you drink your first. That way you can keep drinking our incredible Medicinal-Grade Oolong Tea all day long without adding caffeine!


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