How To Lose 10 Pounds By Summer...

How To Lose 10 Pounds By Summer…

Girl in Sun Yellow Bikini

Summer is just around the corner!  And if you’re like me, you have NO intention of hiding under baggy clothes!

But are you trying the same things you’ve done year after year only to produce mediocre results?  Well, this year can be different.

Here are 5 practical ways I’ve found to propel my own weight loss to get “bikini ready” for summer…

1.  Use The Three Quarters Rule…

Want to feel almost immediate relief in your gut?  Simply replace 75% of what’s on your plate with fruits and vegetables.  Replacing carbohydrates or eating less meat in preference of vegetables can propel your weight loss almost overnight!  In order to accomplish this easily, I like to keep chopped carrots, celery, cabbage, lettuces, tomatoes, onions, broccoli, radishes, apples, and olives in my refrigerator at all times.

2.  Beware of Portion Distortion!

Just because a restaurant serves you a 24-ounce steak with a 2-pound loaded baked potato for dinner doesn’t mean that’s an appropriate portion size!  We eat about 92% of the food we put on our plates.  That’s why I’ve started putting my food in small bowls when I eat.  And when I do have the occasional treat, I put it into a small ramekin instead of a dish or plate.  This generally keeps my indulgences to a couple hundred calories or less.

3. Take A Holiday… An “Alcoholiday”…

Alcohol acts similar to sugar in your body and is one of the main reasons people gain weight.  (Think “Freshman 15″…)  If you absolutely can’t cut the booze, try sticking to a glass of wine, which is loaded with resveratrol, a healthy antioxidant.  And if you must have a margarita, try to have it made without juice or simple syrup, the “skinny” way.

4.  Say Farewell To Frappuccino’s…

I could write all about this (I worked at Starbucks 12 years ago…) but my girlfriend just sent this out on Facebook:


5.  Cut The Juice Loose…

Yes, you heard correctly. I’m not talking about the healthy, natural, do-it-yourself at home kind…  I’m talking about the ‘sugar water’ at your local grocery store.  When you strip the blood sugar-regulating fiber out of the fruit and then suck down enough fructose to spike the insulin levels of a small village, you risk storing fat in your body.  Worst of all – the insulin spike will leave you craving carbs for the rest of the day!

When you do find yourself with some cravings for juice, carbohydrates, alcohol, or a nice frothy Frappuccino, pick up a drink that will help you lose weight and banish carb cravings instead.

SlimTea is an all-natural 100% Oolong Tea that has been extensively studied as a weight loss beverage.

Oolong tea has similar health benefits to green tea, but it burns up to 220% MORE fat.

Researchers found that drinking Oolong tea daily helped people lose 8% MORE weight than people who drink green or black teas.

In one study published in the Chinese Journal of Nutrition, several overweight and obese subjects lost more than 6 pounds of weight in just 6 weeks doing nothing different but consuming Oolong tea daily!

Can you lose 10 pounds by summer just from tweaking your diet and drinking SlimTea every day?