French Bulldog with lots of energy

Get MORE Energy and BOOST Your Diet

French Bulldog with lots of energy

I love french bulldogs. They’re an awesome breed. They’re super fun and cute and how can you resist those amazing bat ears! I think one of the reasons I identify with this breed so much is because I’m very similar (without the bat ears). This breed goes from having tons of energy one second to no energy the next. Unlike our little four legged friends, we have more power than we think when it comes to determining our energy levels…and it has a lot to do with what we eat.

I’ve noticed that there’s something that a lot of us miss when we first start to diet or in the beginning stages of choosing the right diet.

Figuring out our minds

Most of us know that weight loss comes down to healthy eating, exercise, and drinking SlimTea. But there’s something else that plays a BIG part of your health.

I currently read a quote that I continue to think about. It said…

In order to achieve better health, we need to have a better understandings of our mind.

Quotes don’t usually stick with me, but this one did. It was like one of those suspenseful movies that you keep thinking about days after you watched it (know what I mean). But the quote stuck with me and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

Let me ask you this…

  • Have you thought about the number of diets you’ve actually tried?
  • How long did they last?
  • Did you ever get results?
  • Do you remember why you stopped dieting?

I asked myself these very questions. I’ve tried a handful of these “modern” diet plans that you can find online or in magazines. I’ve also tried paleo (I love the meat…but never really lost that much weight), light carb diets, clean eating diets, and several others. But none of them have seemed to last or prove themselves with results. And now, I know why.

Stop Carb Cravings with SlimTeaThere’s one dirty word that has always played a part in my diet failure…and that word is “CRAVINGS.” Chocolate, Breads, Pastas, especially Coffees with cream and sugar…OH MY. I love them all. They have some sort of power over me and I’ve learned this about myself. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy button (that I’ve found) to kick these cravings. However, it IS possible. It simply takes a knowledge of knowing how your body works, and more importantly your mind. Once you know how your mind and body work, you have a much higher advantage of kicking these cravings (and so much more).

The main ingredient you need to know when you’re ready to kick these cravings is the power of sugar. That’s right, sugar is the true culprit that drives your cravings.

You see, when you consume sugar, it lights up a section of your brain which causes you to want more…it creates a type of “high” for your brain. In essence, you become powerless as this part of your brain takes over and craves more to continue this “high” feeling.

I have always known that sugar is the root of my cravings, but I’ve never wanted to stop. I mean, who really wants to stop consuming something they love so much.

On a personal note, my dad was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes not too long ago. I knew that I would be walking down that same road if I didn’t start making changes to my own consumption habits.

This has lead me down a road of becoming proactive and not reactive. Stop something bad before you HAVE to change. Not only is it beneficial right now, it will prove to be beneficial for the rest of your life.

Here are 7 ways that I believe and follow that will help you kick your cravings and find MORE ENERGY in your daily life.

  1. Control your blood sugar. When your blood sugar gets past a certain point, your cravings can spike and get out of control. If you remove sugar and sweeteners, your cravings will go away. One of the most popular ways I’ve seen to take control of your blood sugar is by going on a detox. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the 21 Sugar Detox. The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a comprehensive, yet simple and effective program to help break the chains sugar and carbs have on you – and help you find food freedom.
  2. Target specific foods and drinks that you know you’re addicted too and…yes, stop cold turkey. These foods and drinks are at the center of your weakness and they have to stop now. For me, this was my sugar-filled energy drinks and coffee drinks. I’m a big-time sipper and I’ve chosen to drink more water and SlimTea for all my antioxidants.
  3. Start incorporating heathier foods into each meal. Here are some foods that I try to incorporate in every meal if possible…

    Good Proteins: fish, organic eggs, small amounts of lean poultry, nuts, and whole soy foods

    Good Fats: fish, extra virgin olive oil, unrefined coconut oil, olives, nuts (other than peanuts), seeds, and avocado

    Good Carbs: beans, vegetables, whole grains, and fruit to balance your blood sugar

  4. Find ways to keep your stress levels low. Stress can trigger hormones that are directly connected to your cravings. There are many different ways to manage stress, some includes:

    – Deep-breathing exercises
    – Meditation (many meditation apps available)
    – A calming CD
    – A short walk with obvious distractions
    – Call a close friend
    – Finding your favorite photos on your phone

    If you’re looking for additional help with your stress, I encourage you to check out Soothing Stress Relief Sounds to get relief from your stress.

  5. Stay away from sensitive foods such as dairy and gluten. These foods have a way of triggering cravings. Removing foods with dairy and gluten is not easy by any means, but you’ll notice after a few days, you’ll have a renewed energy and relief from those foods.
  6. Incorporating some form of exercise is really a must. For some, a brisk 30 minute walk works really well. For others, swimming at a local recreational center or light weights. I’ve had several close friends and relatives try the DVD exercise programs. Find an exercise program that fits you and have someone close hold you accountable to it. Find someone who shares the same common exercise program and make it a daily or weekly routine.
  7. Last but not least, get a good night sleep. You’ll read time and time again from countless doctors and specialists that getting between 6 to 8 hours of sleep is at the core of being healthy. But did you know that not getting enough sleep also drives cravings by messing with your appetite. If you’re not sleeping well, check out the Sleep Well Solution and see if they can help you get the sleep you deserve.

Starting today, I encourage you to become proactive with your cravings. Start while the choice is still yours and before the choice is taken from you by health issues down the road. Choose to remove the power of cravings from your eating habits. It won’t be easy…it’s a daily struggle. The good news is that it gets easier as each day goes by.

I can tell you from my personal experience that you WILL experience MORE ENERGY and experience FEWER cravings each and every day and the feeling of overcoming your cravings is by far more rewarding than succumbing to them.

I would say the feeling is similar to a marathon runner beating their previous running record.

I also encourage you to try drinking SlimTea Oolong tea if you don’t already. With over 37 scientific studies, this tea is an amazing all natural health drink. I’ve personally noticed that it helps calm my anxiety and keeps my mind focused.

So there you have it. Eliminating Sugar and sweeteners equals Little to NO Cravings… which then equals MORE energy, Better Health, and a Happier You!

I’d love to hear your thoughts or if you have a frenchie, please feel free to share a pic 🙂

Until next time