How To Cleanse In Just 30 Days...

How To Cleanse In Just 30 Days…

Lately all I hear about on social media and among my health fanatic friends are cleanses, detoxes and “slim cleanse” resolutions.

I love a good detox, and have tried a few cleanses that really help me get back on track after periods of cheating… such as the Holidays ūüėČ

But why do we need these “detoxes”? ¬†And what the heck is a slim cleanse or “detox”, anyway?

You’re Taxing Your Largest Organ…

According to the US Natural Library of Medicine, the liver — your body’s largest organ —¬†performs several important metabolic functions.

Among other things, it converts the nutrients you consume into a form your body can use.

Then it distributes these nutrients to cells as required.

Most importantly, it processes toxins and renders them harmless, after which they are released from your body.

Given this important filtering and breaking down of toxins, it stands to reason that your liver accumulates some nasty stuff over time.

Anne Baker, of Nourish Holistic Nutrition, explains that the liver is “the main organ for detoxing (which your body is naturally doing all the time) as well as a digestive organ. These days many, many people have over burdened livers that are ‘speaking’ to them and crying out for help…”

In other words, if your liver has accumulated too many toxins over time, you may be experiencing symptoms that it is in desperate need of a slim cleanse.

How To Know If YOU¬†Need a Slim Cleanse…

These symptoms of your liver “crying out” for detox, as Anne Baker outlines them, include…

  • Abdominal bloating
  • Acid reflux
  • Discomfort in the liver area
  • Excessive sweating
  • Weight gain

Have you experienced one… or even all of these symptoms?

The good news is that there is a powerful diet tea that can help detox your liver.

The better news is that there is a TON of science to back up the fact that drinking ONE VERY SPECIAL TEA can help you boost your metabolism and drop fat.

Drink THIS Tea, Flush MORE Fat…

We’ve known for quite a few years that tea has an effect on your metabolism.

In 1999, the International Journal of Obesity Related Metabolic Disorders published a study that concluded, “Oolong tea is traditionally reported to have anti-obesity and hypolipidaemic effects…¬†The results suggest that oolong tea may be an effective crude drug for the treatment of obesity and fatty liver caused by a high-fat diet.”

The Journal of Nutrition reported a couple of years after that the fact that drinking tea increases metabolic rate and fat oxidation in men.

“Concentration of caffeine, gallic acid, flavanols and other polyphenols (fraction including polymerized flavanols and other flavonoids) in the oolong tea were analyzed,” explains the study’s abstract. ¬†“

“The observed effect of tea on fat oxidation may reflect the synergistic effect of the caffeine and the catechins,” the study goes on to say, including the fact that clearly, “the consumption of oolong tea stimulates both EE and fat oxidation in normal weight men.”

In other words, consuming tea helps raise your metabolic rate and your body’s processing of fats, helping to clear the gunk out of your liver and cleanse your body!

But don’t drink just ANY tea!

Most store-bought teas are full of chemicals, pesticides, toxins, and fillers Рincluding corn and gluten!  (eew, weird!)

SlimTea may be¬†the world’s most rare and powerful¬†weight loss tea.

Just ask anybody in Japan and China, where SlimTea has been the Gold Standard of weight loss tea for decades.

The time to get the benefit of SlimTea in cleansing your body is now- as we’re all making resolutions for our happiest, healthiest year ever.

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