How To Burn A Pound A Week...

How To Burn A Pound A Week…

It may not sound like a ton of weight, but burning a pound a week from here until summer can add up to some MAJOR weight loss.

Recently in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, 102 overweight or obese participants were challenged to drink 8g of Oolong tea each day for 6 weeks.

The results were shocking…

An astounding 70% of the obese subjects showed a decrease of more than 1kg and 22% more lost more than 3kg.

In addition, 64% of the obese participants and 66% of the overweight participants lost more than 1 kg during the study.

Subcutaneous fat content decreased in 12% of the subjects.

After 6 weeks of drinking Oolong, hyperlipidemia, a condition that usually means you have high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels, was remarkably decreased.

Not only does this study indicate that Oolong tea can significantly decrease body fat, but it may also help to heal those with high cholesterol.

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