3 Critical Things All Healthy People Do...

3 Critical Things All Healthy People Do…


I was sitting in an airport the other day listening to a conversation two women were having about health and “healthy” habits they had.
I found the conversation to be a bit sad.
Here are some of the shocking misconceptions these women had about what “healthy” really means…

1.  Healthy People Don’t “Diet”…

These women were praising their most extreme friends’ diets, fasts, and cleanses.

I really don’t like diets… I kind of hate them actually.

My friends and family are shocked that I’m able to eat about 60% of my calories from fruits and vegetables and almost 75% of my diet is fully raw.

But this has nothing to do with a ‘diet’ or trend.

It has to do with wanting to put the most nutritious foods- especially plants- into my body.

And above all, it comes with refusing to be “ok” with processed foods.

Do I eat processed foods?

Sure, I eat in restaurants all the time and I’m constantly conscious of the fact that processed oils and flours slip into my meals.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not trying my darndest to avoid processed foods. 😉

When I overhear people talking about the great dedication somebody has to a juice fast, to the Paleo diet, or to any other diet or trend, I feel sad for them.

But I also say a little prayer – I hope that they will avoid the ups and downs that encompass diets.

Rather than diet – make your lifestyle healthy – make changes that are *sustainable* for you and your family.

It comes much easier, too!


2.  Healthy People Listen To Their Bodies…

Truly healthy people are PROACTIVE about their health, not reactive.

I couldn’t believe the women in the airport discussing the drugs they take for everything from thyroid disorder to blood pressure.

They seemed to say, “well I am ill and will stay ill.  I’ll just take my prescriptions and hopefully things will sort themselves out.”

No – you must take control of your body!

The way I see it, if you need to have a doctor tell you that you’re sick, you probably aren’t connected to your body.

Healthy people have clarity around what healthy FEELS like… and what it doesn’t feel like.

Before letting a sniffle turn in to full-blown pneumonia, a healthy person is supplementing with nutrient dense immune-boosting foods.

If you wait until you get to a doctor to take charge of your health… you’ll likely be stuck with medicine and sicknesses as opposed to prevention and healthfulness.

Evidence shows that a whole range of illnesses from brain deterioration to joint health can be avoided with great nutrition.

Listen to your body and work to prevent illness before it turns into something life-threatening!

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3.  Healthy People Invest In REAL Medicine…

I’m not talking about your stock portfolio…

I’m talking about the investment healthy people make in their bodies.

Healthy people don’t just invest money, such as purchasing organic foods.

They also invest their time in exercise and experiencing the outdoors… especially in the sun!

When people ask me what the investment is in SlimTea – I know right away how much they care about their health.

There are some that say, “Wow, that’s a great bang for my buck for such an amazing, medicinal grade Premium weight loss tea!”

There are others that say, “Well I can get grocery store tea for $5.00 a box.”

SlimTea is loaded with immune boosting antioxidants that help you shed weight and FEEL great.

Get more in touch with your body.

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