How To Form A Habit (In 30 Days Or Less?!)

How To Form A Habit (In 30 Days Or Less?!)

Have you ever heard of “Maxwell Maltz”?

Well if you haven’t heard of him, you’ve surely heard of his studies in behavior.

A surgeon, Maltz was the man who discovered that patients took about three weeks, or ’21 days’, to grow accustomed to their faces when they were altered or changed.

This came to be the common belief that it takes “21 days to make a habit”.

People try to quit smoking, eat more vegetables, and even wake up earlier with just 21 days of practice.

But does it really work?

Can You Form A Habit In 21 Days Or Less?

You’ve heard it touted by many a self-help guru or motivational speaker.

Most people now believe the notion that it takes just 21 days to form a habit.

However, researchers at University College in London alongside a study published in the European Journal of Psychology show differently.

These studies indicate that it actually takes closer to two months, not one, to form new habits.

And in some people, it takes considerably more time.

How To Make Weight Loss A Habit…

Making a healthy lifestyle a “habit” is the EASIEST way to lose weight.

If you only think to cook healthy foods, make workouts a part of your daily routine, and take SlimTea Capsules every day, the fat will melt steadily away.

Don’t expect this to take a mere 3 weeks, though!

Your commitment to your health must be for the long term!

(You’re worth it!)

You can lose 100 pounds…

But if you go right back to your old habits – your heart, health, and your waistline will surely suffer!

If you want to make a REAL difference in your health and longevity – give yourself more than just 21 days to build that foundation!

The Easiest Way To Lose Weight Fast…

Diets DON’T work.

They restrict your calories, leaving you hungry all day and often prone to binging at night or on the weekends.

Or they get BORING.  Who can eat salads for every meal?!  (And chicken breast… don’t get me started!)

(Trust me, I’ve been there!  Look at my own weight loss success pictures HERE.)

But simply replacing your coffee, juices, sports drinks and energy drinks with SlimTea can help your body focus on REAL fatburning.

These chemical-laden drinks cause your body to STORE FAT.

SlimTea burns up to 240 more calories every day, but SlimTea Capsules burn up to 523 MORE CALORIES EVERY DAY.

These burn fat SO FAST that SlimTea Capsules users like the one below are constantly writing me with messages like this:

facebook Rhonda

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If YOU want to build a habit that can help you stay steadily thin over a LIFETIME – get your SlimTea Capsules HERE.

(And give it more than 21 days!)

Try our weight loss capsules for 3 months.  I know you’ll LOVE them.

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