When "Gluten Free" Is The WORST Choice...

When “Gluten Free” Is The WORST Choice…

Gluten Free

When I went gluten-free earlier this year, it was life changing.  I felt more energy and my stomach really started to shrink; I even suddenly began to see my abs!

Then, I discovered a whole delicious world of ‘gluten-free’ foods at my grocery store.  I was in hog heaven!    But the problem is that I started gaining the weight back… and I was devastated.

After some research I found out that one reason might be due to the gluten-free ‘alternatives’ used in these foods.  These include:

  • Rice flour (and brown rice flour)
  • Potato flour
  • Cornstarch
  • Tapioca starch

You probably already know that wheat products spike your blood sugar so much that 2 pieces of whole wheat toast raise your blood sugar as much as 6 whole teaspoons of sugar, or an entire Snickers Bar!

And what spikes blood sugar and insulin levels more than wheat?  Rice flour, potato flour, cornstarch, and tapioca starch!  The same foods used in ‘gluten-free’ alternatives!


Every time your blood sugar spikes, your insulin levels spike, which encourages fat storage in your body.

These gluten free starches are equally dangerous to your insulin levels… and your waistline.  Expert Dr. David Williams even suggests that these foods are ‘junk carbs’, and cause deposition of inflammatory visceral fat.  Eew!

So what can you do?

I have a simple three-step plan that works for me EVERY TIME.

  1. Drink SlimTea or take a SlimTea capsule before EVERY meal.  SlimTea helps regulate your insulin levels and BLOCK the fat-storing effects of starches.  Plus, it helps reduce carb cravings and satiate hunger.
  2. Wait 15 minutes before eating after you drink your delicious cup of SlimTea.
  3. Now, eat a sensible meal filled with “Meat, Roots, Vegetables, and Fruit”. When you eat real, whole foods you avoid ‘junk carbs’ and fill your plate with protein, Omega-3, vitamin, mineral, and fiber-rich foods.  Plus, SlimTea helps boost your metabolism and raise your energy expenditure all day long!

​Plus, SlimTea works FAST!

It’s even shown oxidize fat 12% MORE in just 24 HOURS.  That’s right – it’s like burning up to an extra 240 calories every day.

Your body is designed to be a fat-burning machine.  So feed it 100% natural, 100% whole foods.  And drink SlimTea, the world’s most rare and powerful 100% pure Oolong.

You deserve it!


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