The REAL Reason Why French May Become Fat...

The REAL Reason Why French May Become Fat…

Yesterday I wrote about why I believe the French stay slim and trim.

It wasn’t lost on you that I mentioned the “soaring obesity rate in France in recent years.”

I had a few questions about it, and I’d like to take this time to answer them for you.

Obesity in France has become an issue in the home… as well as in the polls!

Sadly, the obesity rate in children is growing much faster than in adults.

Despite still having the lowest obesity rates in Europe, from 1995 to 2004, the French obesity rate doubled!

That equates to 11.3% of the French population.

Why Have Obesity Rates Begun To Increase In France?

Why have obesity rates started to creep up in this once trim-and-fit country?

One reason may be that McDonald’s sales have increased exponentially; making France the corporation’s the most profitable European location.

Reports show that 2% of the population eats “MacDo” Every. Single. Day.

Most people blame fast food, prepared foods, and the burgeoning habit of ‘le snack’ as being reasons for the expanding French waistline.

These foods can be loaded with processed oils like canola, high fructose corn syrup, and salt.

In addition, the less wealthy French have a much harder time controlling weight than the wealthier French – a common thread in countries where the poorer fall prey to fast foods or cheap frozen foods.

What’s more, the French have noted an epidemic of children watching television, playing video games, and a society that has become generally more lethargic.

Exercise is critical to a healthy body!

Sweating is an outstanding source of detoxification, and without muscle mass from exercise, your body falls prey to obesity, heart disease, and worse!

A Country That Is Winning The Obesity Battle…

The French are working VERY hard to fight obesity.

They recently began a program called “ensemble, prévenons l’obésité des enfants”, or “together let’s prevent obesity in children” [EPODE] to fight obesity.

Obesity rates have lowered by up to 25% in many communities in the six years since the program’s inception.

Still, 38.5% of men and 26% of French men and women are considered overweight.

And 16% of 5-11 year olds are now considered obese in France, with the statistic growing at a staggering 17%.

One country that has staved off the obesity epidemic is China.

They now have an obesity rate of 5%, which is a lot for them, but that is almost entirely in cities where fast food and processed foods abound.

In some metropolitan areas, that rate can be as much as 20%!

Still, this is one of the lowest obesity rates on the planet.

In parts of China that cling to a more traditional, less urban lifestyle of regular exercise and lots of Oolong Tea, obesity is almost non-existent!!

And many attribute that to one Ancient Chinese Secret that has helped the Chinese truly stave off obesity and fight disease for up to thousands of years!

==>  Here’s the secret…