10 Ways To Turn Your Body Into A Fat-Burning Factory...

10 Ways To Turn Your Body Into A Fat-Burning Factory…


When you think about working in a factory – you think of long hours, grueling physical labor, and low pay!

Well that’s what it’s like when you eat factory-processed foods!

You become sluggish, it takes a toll on your body, and there’s no nutritional payoff!

Here’s why I’ve cut almost all processed foods from my diet.


1)   I Save Money!

Believe it or not, whole foods really are more affordable than processed foods!

Once you factor the cost of preparing a meal with fresh and organic foods, it often runs you less by serving weight.

Organic chili vs. chili in a can is a great example of this.  Plus if I make it how I like it, I love having the leftovers for a few days 😉

Whole non-processed foods also usually leave you feeling more full and satiated.

And without the sodium ‘bloat’ from processed foods!

2)    I Avoid Phosphates…

Additives composed of phosphates are found inside of processed foods.

These are used to enhance the taste, texture, and longevity of the packaged food.

However, these additives also contain carcinogens, which are known to speed up aging, reduce bone strength, and potentially influence kidney failure.

Retro housewife craving sweet candy

3)    I Kicked My Sugar Cravings…

Many of us do not realize that our bodies are simply addicted to processed foods and other unhealthy foods, especially when they’re pumped with excess sugar and high fructose corn syrup!

What’s more, processed foods tend to trigger an excessive dopamine production, which is the happy, pleasure neurotransmitter.

Excessive dopamine production from these foods causes you to crave them more and more – which leads to addiction and overeating.

What’s more, you become less sensitive to salty or sweet tastes and your body needs sweeter and saltier foods to get the same good feelings as when you haven’t wrecked your system.

This leads to weight gain, diabetes, and increased risk for disease.

4)    I Don’t Get Sick…

My friends and family are shocked that I haven’t been sick in years.  Not a cold, not a flu, not even an allergy.

Plus, my pregnancy has been blissful!  I’ve had no morning sickness, workout almost every day, and am truly glowing!

Chronic inflammation is common for those who consume excessive amounts of refined sugars, vegetable oils, processed flours, and similar unnatural ingredients.

As frequent inflammations is a major contributor towards the development of various medical conditions, such as dementia, heart disease, and cancer; it’s important to avoid processed foods high in sugar and salt if you want to stay healthy!


5)    I Feel Smarter!

Seriously, processed foods do so much damage to the human body that consuming them can even help you lose your mind!

Regular consumption of processed foods can trigger anger and depression in some individuals.

So if you’re struggling to focus on your work, at the gym, or with anything, then it may be your diet.

Those nutritionally packed foods actually have stuff in them that your body uses to maintain energy, balance your mood, and so on.

6)    I’m Healthy Inside And Out…

My holistic doctor just took a VERY comprehensive look at my body, saliva, stool, and blood.

He told me that, as opposed to before I became healthy and whole foods oriented, that my body is a “Five-Star Hotel”.

One of the horrible things about processed foods is that it can be doing all the damage on the inside.

You may not be getting fat, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be causing stress to the digestive system.

By taking in too many processed foods, you interfere with healthy bacteria and risk more frequent infections.

Not to mention what processed foods do to your hormones and insulin levels!


7)    I Avoid GMO’s!

Any time you can avoid it, you should steer clear of any foods containing GMOs, which are genetically modified organisms.

They have a connection with cancer, infertility, and organ damage.

Consuming them in high amounts will not only increase the risk of these conditions, but flood your bloodstream, influence weight gain, and possibly change the way your intestines functions.

8)    I Avoid Pesticides…

Wait a minute, you didn’t want pesticides floating around in your body, did you?

Well, the GMOs that are found in processed foods are typically treated with pesticides, such as glyphosate, as well as herbicides.

These chemicals do reach the crop.

For instance, certain boxed cereals hit upwards of 70 types of chemicals, pesticides, and fumigation chemicals.

Eat Real Foods Yums

9)    I Prefer Real Food!

This point really deserves to get noticed.

Processed foods are not real, they are synthetic.

The ingredients within them may have been real, and some may still be, but they go under such heavy modifying that they become harmful.

We were never meant to eat ‘fake food’ so why should we start now?

Now there’s some food for thought…not sure what to think anymore?

10)  I Stay Lean!

Processed foods, as you’ve read, commit murder on your waistline.

They cause you to eat more that you should, crave sugar and salt, and lose your sensitivity to to natural food tastes!

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