The Case For Real Foods... And The Gluten-Free Myth...

The Case For Real Foods… And The Gluten-Free Myth…

Eat Real Foods Yums

I probably spend a LOT more time writing and sharing personal stories than your average email newsletter writer.

And as most of you know, I love to personally respond to emails we receive (when you hit “Reply” to my emails – it is actually read!)

But sometimes I really try to put all my thoughts into a nice, concise little package that doesn’t take up 1,400 words in your inbox!

I know there’s lots of love, but there are only so many hours in the day, right?

So the other day I wrote and article based off some studies I’d read indicating that:

  1. Wheat products spike your blood sugar as much as 6 whole teaspoons of sugar, or an entire Snickers Bar!
  2. Rice, flour, potato flour, cornstarch, and tapioca starch spike your blood sugar more than wheat.
  3. Expert Dr. David Williams even suggests that these foods are ‘junk carbs’, and cause deposition of inflammatory visceral fat.
Eat Real Foods Taste The Rainbow
Shortly after I sent this email, I received THIS letter:

Hi Stephanie. I just want to thank you for providing so much really helpful nutritional information without making me watch 20 minute videos to sell me something. I would have to work 4 jobs in order to afford all of the “you’ll never live well without it” nutritional stuff. I do have one question however. I am raising my 2 ½ year old nephew and have been making a real effort to train his taste buds to good natural wholesome foods rather than processed junk. I am 55 and have never been a friend of my kitchen so this is a real stretch for me, but he is worth it. I have suffered and still do suffer too many health issues from life long bad eating habits to be willing to put him on the same path.

So we have been working on being gluten-free for months now and only buy gluten-free breads, pastas and snacks. Now I read that all the stuff used to make these products is no better for us than the wheat. I am a label reader and I do understand that just because something is g-free doesn’t make it wholesome so I avoid things loaded with bad fats and sugars if possible but now even the flours are bad. I’m really at the give up point. Baking my own breads and making my own pastas every week is not an option. I run the family business and am now a single mom so becoming a great cook and baker is not on my horizon. I don’t know if you ever read emails from your email base or if you have time to respond but I thought I would take a shot before I just save the money and go back to the way I used eat.  Thanks again very much,  Concerned Customer

Wow, thank you “Concerned” for your beautiful letter, and your sincere, heartfelt concerns.  I found that going gluten-free was truly life-changing.  (And I still even have the gluten-free ‘rice chips’ and flavored popcorn in my pantry for parties 😉

My recent email was written to a group of my newsletter subscribers who are trying to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight they may have worked REALLY HARD to achieve.  Like ME.  I’m a real woman who had legs covered in cellulite by age 15 (argument for genetics, as I was a gymnast and cross country runner!)  Who has a low thyroid.  Who has a plethora of food allergies.  And who has OVERCOME these obstacles to obtain a body that I’m really, really darn proud of.

Here’s the entire point of the email I wrote last week.  EAT.  REAL.  FOOD. 

Eat Real Food

Maybe I wasn’t clear last week and I’m SORRY.  But I believe in eating 1-ingredient foods.  REAL FOODS that don’t require processing and labels.

Gluten-free is a GREAT way to be.  But if you’re always looking for gluten-free hacks that are just processed forms of soy, rice, or corn… you’re NOT eating real foods.

You’re still going for processed foods that are likely from genetically modified crops and which, in the case of the examples above, still wreak havoc on your blood sugar!

Gluten-Free does not necessarily equate to “healthier”.  In fact, you may gain weight and make yourself MORE susceptible to disease if you move from one processed-food diet to another.

You’ll notice that EVERY recipe I’ve EVER posted comes from WHOLE foods.  (That does not mean raw!!)

In fact, I’ve even written TWO cookbooks that use real, whole foods.  And I will continue to give you food ideas on recipes in my emails, and bonus recipes and pictures on Instagram.

Here’s a funny story before I send my response to Concerned.

A few months ago I was in my kitchen with my dear friend The Betty Rocker.  I grabbed a bag of gluten-free protein-chips from the pantry and asked her what she thought of them.  “Look how much protein they have!”  “They’re only 2g of sugar!”  I proclaimed.

My friend looked at me and said flatly, “why don’t you just eat a banana?”

I was shocked, somewhat embarrassed, and humbled.  What my friend pointed out is that I had gone gluten-free, but I was still looking for the ‘hacks’, the ‘processed’ junk foods that are marketed as healthy.  But in truth, many of these take a toll on blood sugar that’s as bad as wheat gluten.

So without further ado, I’ll get off my soapbox and here is my response to Concerned…

Dear Concerned,

Thank you so much for your letter and your kind words.  I’m so happy you’re enjoying my email newsletter.  I believe that going gluten-free is the first step to helping people lose weight, feel great energy, and fight disease.  If you and your nephew have gone gluten-free, you’ve already made a HUGE impact on his little life… and I’m sure it shows in your own waistline as well! 

When I wrote my email, I was speaking to a group of people who are trying to avoid foods that spike blood sugar.  I understand that you’ve probably invested a lot of time and money into gluten-free breads, pastas, and snack foods.  I have, too!

What I want to encourage you to do is DON’T GIVE UP.  It may seem daunting, but I believe that you and I both can raise our families with strong, healthy minds and bodies, without the processed junk!  I love to prepare healthy foods, but as my husband will tell you, I’m NO chef!  That’s why I have provided two cookbooks for my newsletter readers that show how ‘even me’ can cook real, whole, weightloss foods.  You DON’T have to become a chef or baker, baking your own breads every week.  Here’s how it’s works with my family: I don’t look for the food hacks.  I avoid bread and eat meat with vegetables when I want a sandwich.  But for my family, I make sandwiches with gluten-free Udi’s bread.  When everybody wants pasta (who doesn’t?!), I use quinoa pasta for the family, but I often make zucchini noodles or even sweet potato noodles for myself.   

In a society that’s become inundated with fake foods, it’s really hard to transition your eating habits.  Who doesn’t get a hankering for fried chicken, pasta, and mac and cheese on occasion?

But I assure you, YOU’RE WORTH IT.  I believe in you and I KNOW you and your nephew can have satiating, satisfying foods without the chemicals or highly-processed ingredients.  My customer support team is sending you a couple of my *easy* cookbooks now and I encourage you to follow me on Instagram and keep reading my newsletter.  I’ll keep posting tips and recipes.  And above all: WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER!

With deep respect,



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