Drink Tea... To Save The Bees?

Drink Tea… To Save The Bees?


It’s been going on for a while.

A massive die-off of honey bee populations has been in and out of the news over the last several years.

When we first became aware of it, scientists looked at multiple factors that could be causing honey bee populations to fall.

Was it a parasite?

Was it the encroachment of wasp species (some of which kill honey bees, like Africanized “killer” bees)?

Was it something in the environment?


What’s Killing Bees, And Why You Should Care…

Well, it turns out that many of the pesticides used by factory farms are harmful to bee populations, and lobbyists for these corporations are trying to get the EPA to approve even MORE bee-killing chemicals.

Some of these chemicals are already banned, such as in Europe, and the pesticide companies are suing to get these bans reversed.

Why are bees so important?

Well, I don’t know of another way to make sure that plants get pollinated, do you?

Like so many things in our world, the smallest among us may be the most important.

Bees exist near the base of a very complicated food chain and string of processes that ultimately make it possible for all life on earth to thrive.

Without bees to pollinate plants, these wither and die.

The creatures that consume those plants in turn will die off, and eventually, when you get far enough up the chain, that means people could eventually have serious problems if there are no bees.


Save The Bees… One Cup At A Time?!

How can YOU save the bees?

Go ORGANIC wherever possible!

Fight the expansion of the use of pesticides, and support those organic farmers that produce their goods naturally, without these deadly and far-reaching chemicals.

SlimTea is just one such product.

Our weight loss Oolong Tea is grown 100% organically on a pristine farm high above China’s Fujian Province.

Please take an active part in saving our planet and the bees that help make life on Earth possible.

Consider the bees whenever the topic of pesticides comes up… and drink SlimTea every day to promote a long, slim, life.