Unlocking Cholesterol MYTHS and Miracles...

Unlocking Cholesterol MYTHS and Miracles…


High cholesterol is a scary reality that millions of people, including some children, face.

It is usually associated with arterial degradation, heart disease, or even strokes!

But cholesterol is also very misunderstood.

A study has recently shed light on a crazy way to lower your cholesterol *naturally*.

What Is Cholesterol?

You need to know your enemy – and don’t mistake “all” cholesterol as bad.

Simply stated, cholesterol is a fat produced by your liver.

Cholesterol is present in the outer layer of every cell of your body, and you depend on it for normal body function.

Cholesterol Benefits (just a few ;-):

  • Turns those warm sun-rays into Vitamin D
  • Metabolizes fat-soluble Vitamins, such as A, D, E and K
  • Insulates nerve fibers

What Is Good Cholesterol?  … And What Is “Bad” Cholesterol?

Cholesterol moves though the blood by lipoproteins; molecules which contain fat (lipid) and protein.

Today we’ll just look at two: LDL’s and HDL’s.

LDL’s, or “Low Density Lipoproteins”, are associated with “Bad” cholesterol.

When your cells don’t use all the cholesterol that LDL transfers from your liver to your cells, it builds up.

HDL, or “High Density Lipoprotein”, is associated with “Good” cholesterol.

HDL basically makes sure that excess cholesterol doesn’t build up, but is taken away from your cells back to your liver.

Most people know that you can keep cholesterol in check with regular exercise and a healthy diet, full of fruits and vegetables.


Kick Up Your Low Cholesterol Game…

Did you know that dropping as little as 5% of your body fat can help reduce cholesterol levels?

If you’re 180 pounds with, that’s only a weight loss goal of only 9 pounds!

High cholesterol risks include:

  • Narrowing of the arteries (aka “atherosclerosis)
  • Coronary disease
  • Heart Attack
  • Angina
  • Blood vessel disease and cardiovascular conditions
  • Stroke

But what if you aren’t overweight?

That’s where this incredible study comes into play.

Oolong Tea Lowers Cholesterol… and Makes Your ORGANS Healthier?

A Japanese researcher from the Aichi Medical University Institute found that in participants drinking one liter of Oolong tea daily, average organ age dropped more than six percent in only ONE MONTH.

One participant even saw her “bad” cholesterol drop from 137 to 98!

This particular participant’s average organ rate dropped from 38 to her actual age – only 29 years old!

75% of participants saw a reduction in waist size and two-thirds experienced a reduction in the thickness of their upper arms.

(I don’t know about you – but upper arms are my biggest pet peeve in photos!)

Why Is Oolong Tea SO Special?

While it is believed that ALL polyphenols can stop hardening of the arteries, Oolong tea is special because of the SIZE of the polyphenol molecules it contains.

The researcher concluded that the polyphenols in Oolong tea perfectly match lipase, and enzyme that DISSOLVES BODY FAT. 

In a modern society that stuffs food with cholesterol plaguing trans fats…

… and busy lifestyles that often keep us in front of our computers instead of exercising ;-)…

Okuma’s Oolong Tea is the perfect accompaniment to fight fat, and high cholesterol!

Our laboratory has confirmed that SlimTea FAR exceeds other ‘leading’ Oolong teas.

The Easy Way To Lower Your Cholesterol

That’s why SlimTea is the world’s leading Oolong tea.

Oolong tea has been shown in scientific studies to help STOP the hardening of the arteries and reduce bad cholesterol.

And SlimTea is the world’s most powerful Oolong!

It’s grown high on a mountain in China by master tea growers, and it is FREE of pesticides, chemicals, or other environmental toxins.

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