Why The Chinese Stay So Skinny...

Why The Chinese Stay So Skinny…


Most Chinese people stay healthy and thin… while living long lives.

The obesity epidemic that ran over most of the Western world like a Mack Truck has largely steered clear of China.


Certainly, their diets are a bit healthier than ours.

They don’t indulge in fast food as much- in fact outside of large cities processed foods are nearly unheard of.

Plus they eat a lot more vegetables than the average westerner, too.

But there’s something else… it’s called Oolong Tea.

Most Chinese people are avid tea drinkers.

Green teas, black teas, and oolong teas are a regular part of their diets.

Now, get this:

Green tea and Oolong tea, in particular, both help to burn fat. In fact, look at what this “celebrity doctor” recently said about green tea:

“You’d lose up to 10 lbs in 4-6 weeks doing nothing but taking green tea. Green tea increases your daily fat burning rate by 43%.” -Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD, FACN

Now, Green tea is good; but Oolong tea is MUCH better.



That’s why in China, Oolong from the Wuyi Shan mountains is said to be a gift from the Goddess of Mercy to help keep you thin, healthy, and satiated after meals.

It is THE most coveted tea in China, and beyond!

I say that because a Japanese study found that Oolong Tea burns 240% more calories than green tea!

Obviously, if you’d like to start dropping pounds, Oolong Tea is the clear choice.

And that’s why I’d like to tell you about SlimTea.

We have specialized in harvesting and packaging Wuyi Shan Oolong, the world’s best, cleanest, and most powerful fatburning Oolong Tea, since 1998.

Because nearly 700,000 people have lost weight with this Oolong, we call it “SlimTea”.

SlimTea is so high-quality, it’s labeled “Medicinal Grade” in China.

What’s more, SlimTea is grown from authentic oolong tea at the highest altitude to generate the highest concentration of polyphenols of any tea on the market today.

(Polyphenols are what help you burn fat.)

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to get skinny — Chinese style!

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