How Do Chinese Women Stay So Thin?

How Do Chinese Women Stay So Thin?

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I had a funny encounter last week.

I’m sitting in a salon and a Japanese woman begins to chat with me about health, wellness, food, beauty, and skin.

She asked me what MY secret was for bright, clear skin, shiny hair, and a fit body.

I shared with her that I have NO SECRET.

No skin creams; I don’t get facials; I don’t have coffee scrubs to keep my skin tight on my legs and face; and I definitely don’t workout for hours every day.

Rather, I maintain:

  • Healthy, glowing skin
  • Shiny hair
  • Acne-free (where I used to be acne-prone)
  • Slim & Energetic…

…Because I detoxify DAILY with SlimTea.

What is SlimTea?  The woman asked?

It’s a rare form of 100% Oolong, I explained.  It comes from the Wuyi Mountains in China’s Fujian Province.

It tastes delicious – sometimes I have 4 or more cups a day!

She laughed and told me that she knows this Oolong!

How is that?

wuyi shan mountain tops

She explained that in Japan, during the 1980’s, this rare high-altitude Oolong became very popular.

She said that people wanted to be as skinny and healthy as the Chinese.  And TODAY, this woman and her parents still drink this Oolong every day for daily detoxification, cleansing, and of course – healthy weight maintenance!

Over 37 Scientific Studies have now shown that this rare high-altitude Oolong is KILLER for weight loss and maintenance, as well as skin, hair, teeth, and even organ health!

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