Eat Carbs And STILL Lose Weight?... Here's How!

Eat Carbs And STILL Lose Weight?… Here’s How!

Carbs are a scary word when you’re trying to lose weight.

Either you’re afraid of them – which gives them undue power over your mind and body… or you are scared to live without them – which means you may have an addiction to carbs or sugar.

In recent years I’ve devoted tons of research to finding easy food ‘tricks’ to allow me to enjoy the foods I love without suffering the effect on my thighs later.

I’ve overcome my fear of carbs, and especially my fear of fats.

Here are 3 of the tricks I swear by to keep my body tight, lean, and fit all year round…

1.  Don’t Eat Carbs By Themselves…

I don’t down a bag of pretzels when I’m too busy to grab lunch.

Nor do I opt for a ‘low-fat’ muffin or rice cake.

Rather, I’ll go for a filling snack that will keep me satiated and has far more nutrients than pretzels or rice cakes.

REMEMBER: low-fat foods are often full of sugar, carbs, and nasty chemicals.

Plain bagel?  Just because you cut the cream cheese doesn’t make it okay!

Many fruits and vegetables are high in fiber which makes you feel more full after eating them.

So instead of that bagel, try having half the bagel with some delicious eggs, vegetables, or even ditch the bagel for lentils or quinoa!

High-FAT foods are often much better for you than low-fat, high carb foods!

When you eat high-carb foods by themselves, they spike your insulin levels and turn into sugar in your body.

Foods with MORE fat help you feel fuller longer.  In fact, many people who have a high-fat diet experience hours – even up to 36 hours at a stretch, feeling satiated with no hunger pains!  You should ask your doctor before doing any fasting, of course.

Some of my favorite high-fat foods for weight loss include:

  • Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Flaxseeds in smoothies
  • Fresh (not farm-raised) Salmon
  • Raw Walnuts or Almonds
  • Sunflower Seeds

But above all, the #1 reason high-fat foods are good for your weight loss goal is that they don’t spike your blood sugar!

2.  Mix Protein In With Carbs…

To lose weight, it’s important that you pair your carbs with protein.

Ditch half your plate of pasta and focus on seeds, nuts, fish, chicken or beef with your meal.

When you have variety in your meals, you actually slow down the rate at which sugar is released into your blood.

Plus, protein causes you to release the hormone glucagon.

Glucagon fights fat AND the insulin rush you’d normally get eating carbs by themselves.

Replacing carbohydrates with meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, and greens is the way to go.

And don’t worry if you’re not a “meat-eater”.

Did you know that vegetables have more protein per gram than animal meat?

To pack in the most vegetables, try blending them in your blender or juicing them.

You can add chia seeds to your coffee, replace toast with quinoa, or even replace croutons with raw nuts on a salad!

3.  Drink SlimTea BEFORE You Eat Breakfast and Lunch…

Unless you’re on a temporary crash diet, carbs WILL be a part of your daily life.

Perhaps it’s a bit of pasta or a sandwich with bread.

Or maybe it’s an apple or other piece of fruit.

Carbs in moderation can still be used to lose weight.

But you must avoid consuming more calories than you need to.

When you munch mindlessly or get carb cravings, it probably means that your body isn’t satiated so you keep consuming more and more calories without ever feeling full.

BEWARE: This can destroy your weight loss efforts!

However, drinking SlimTea BEFORE a meal can help blast away carb cravings so that you will feel satiated and not consume the extra 1, 2, or even 300 calories in mindless carb munching per meal.

Plus, SlimTea helps to:

  • Lower your blood sugar
  • *Decrease fat storage
  • *Increase insulin sensitivity
  • *Oxidize MORE fat…

What’s more – did you know that often when you find yourself having a carb-craving for pretzels, chips, popcorn, or delicious pasta fazole leftovers in your fridge, you may actually be just THIRSTY?

That means that next time you feel like you want carbs… or want to eat more than you should, drink a cup of SlimTea – STAT!

It’ll kill the carb cravings, hydrate your body, and even help you oxidize fat from your thighs, arms, and belly!