Is There Such Thing As Cancer Prevention?

Is There Such Thing As Cancer Prevention?

Cancer is one of those things nobody likes to talk about, but every one of us has a friend or relative who has suffered, survived, or even died of this disease.

In fact, the two people I love more than anybody in the world are both suffering from cancer.

So I don’t treat this topic lightly – and I sure don’t profess to make any claims about healing, curing, preventing, diminishing or easing the pain of cancer in any way.

But I ask myself daily – what CAN I do to prevent cancer?

Many believe cancer is an inevitable part of aging.

As we grow older and as our life expectancies increase, most of us will have to face cancer in one way or another.

But does it have to be that way?

Is there any way to prevent cancer?

Natural Diets and Cancer Prevention- Do They Work?

Eating a natural, healthy diet can promote your overall health while supporting your immune system and preventing the cell damage that becomes cancer.

What do we mean by a healthy diet?

According to Cancer Research UK, a healthy diet is one that is high in fiber, fruits, and vegetables, but low in salt and red meat.

But our physicians don’t generally tell patients about changes to their diets, or they approach the concept as an “also, by the way.”

They don’t tell patients that natural, healthy eating (such as increasing your fiber intake and lowering your consumption of red meat and salt) can be a very real part of a holistic approach to fighting and preventing cancer.

Sometimes it feels like if it’s not a drug or some other artificial process, it’s like it just doesn’t warrant mentioning!)

In my personal cancer prevention quest, there’s no room for processed foods and I limit chemicals in foods as much as possible.

Staying away from tobacco is another obvious must.

In a world full of toxins and other poisons, willfully introducing a carcinogen into your body is the worst of a bunch of bad ideas.

Alkaline Diets and Cancer Prevention…

Changing your diet, though, can really help you fight and prevent cancer.

Most of us have too acidic a diet, thanks to the sugary foods we eat and an over-consumption of meat.

There is a strong correlation between an alkaline diet and improved results in fighting cancer, science pioneered in the 1930s by Otto Warburg (who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells) and then by A. Keith Brewer (who used Warburg’s research to determine that ALL cancer cells have one thing in common: they have lost their innate pH control mechanism).

Processed foods are the opposite of what you want – they promote inflammation and can cause something called “latent acidosis,” in which cancer cells thrive.  These are NOT alkaline.

An alkaline diet, as shown by Warburg and Brewer, can help reduce inflammation and reduce intracellular pH, which is important because (as Warburg learned), cellular metabolism of glucose fermentation is the primary trigger for cancer progression.

A diet rich in green, leafy vegetables, spices, roots, onions, leeks, chives, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, beans, and nuts (there are other such foods) helps your body balance Ph levels.  These foods ARE alkaline.

(Raw fruits and vegetables are the best sources!)

It is no surprise that these are also great sources of fiber, and the foundation of the very cancer-preventing, healthy diet we just described.

Gluten and Inflammation…

Eliminating gluten can also help reduce inflammation and thus promote fighting cancer, as gluten itself promotes inflammation.

Wheat and rye are the worst offenders.

A study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information confirmed that a gluten-free diet reduces adiposity, inflammation, and insulin resistance.

While you’re eliminating gluten, consider reducing dairy in your diet, too, because the casein protein in dairy products may promote cancer.

Livestrong’s Wendy Stewart cites the “China Study” by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, which shows us how cancer and the consumption of animal proteins like casein are linked.

The study determined that casein, which is 85 percent of dairy protein, helps promote cancer in all stages of development.

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A Miraculous Cancer-Fighting Supplement…

One way to supplement your diet that does all these things is drinking SlimTea.

Rich in antioxidants, and enjoyable without added sugar, it helps to promote the type of raw, healthy, alkaline diet that is best for cancer fighting and prevention.

The National Cancer Institute readily acknowledges that antioxidants have cancer-preventing properties.

Its fact-sheet on tea also acknowledges the value of catechins in particular,which are are plentiful in SlimTea, and the fact that the polyphenols in tea have been demonstrated in laboratory studies to inhibit tumors.

That’s right: While the National Cancer Institute refuses to take a stand for or against tea as a cancer preventive, it agrees with and cites on its website the research that has been done showing just this.

Don’t wait to prevent and fight cancer.

Start making healthy habits now, and integrate SlimTea while you have the chance.

Few other teas found on planet earth have the high levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants of SlimTea.

(That’s why we even list them by name on our box.  We’re the ONLY company I know of that tests and lists our antioxidants for you!)

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