Why You Should Eat MORE Butter For Weight Loss...

Why You Should Eat MORE Butter For Weight Loss…

Time Eat Butter

If you’ve been alive for at least a couple decades, you’ve no doubt heard horror stories about how ‘dangerous’ animal fats are… But the recent cover of Time Magazine indicates that there has been a great cultural shift!

According to many health experts, saturated animal fats are some of the healthiest fats you can consume!  That’s why today we’ll explore eating butter… from grass fed cows, of course!

Why Weight Loss ‘Gurus’ Eat Butter …butter heart melting

In my estimation, here are the three biggest reasons I see so many nutritionists and weight loss ‘gurus’ eating butter.

1. It makes nearly everything delicious …

2. It’s healthy

3. You may actually LOSE belly fat!

Now, I don’t think many people would disagree with point #1 — I mean — who can resist steak expertly cooked in butter … or a sweet potato with cinnamon and melted butter … or freshly popped stovetop popcorn covered in melted butter?   (Doesn’t it just make your mouth water?)

But some people might have a problem believing butter is incredibly healthy for you. So let’s talk about that …

Cow and grassWhy Butter Is Healthy …

Despite the media fear-mongering that has taken place for the last few decades — there is no good reason to fear saturated animal fats.  None.

  • The “lipid hypothesis” for heart disease is just that–a hypothesis that was never proven. In fact, it has been disproven in many scientific trials.
  • The same goes for the “high cholesterol is bad” hypothesis.
  • (However both saturated animal fat intake and cholesterol levels have been exploited by the mass media and giant pharmaceutical companies for a profit of, literally, hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars, but I digress ) …

While I don’t have time to cover both of the above points, because it leaves the scope of this article, the truth is a lot less sensational.  Butter is a healthy food that most people should consider eating in their healthy weight loss plan.


  1. Butter is very vitamin rich …
  2. Butter helps your body “access” other fat-soluble vitamins in other food you might be eating (such as vegetables) — without fat in your meals with these other “healthy” foods your body can’t access these fat soluble vitamins!
  3. Because it’s saturated, and more stable, butter is fine for cooking/baking at high temperatures …

What about cholesterol?Unrecognizable woman eating popcorn at the cinema

Believe it or not, butter has been shown to do nothing but good things for your cholesterol …

In a recent blog post, one  man added a half a stick of butter (!) to his daily regime and saw:

  • HDL (“good”) cholesterol went up by 19%
  • Non-HDL cholesterol went down by 25%.

There are countless scientists studying butter for weight LOSS and cholesterol IMPROVEMENT in place of the old ideas that butter = bad.

Remember – if you’re truly worried, you should get your blood work done now, and track how much it changes after adding in butter.  See if you lose some belly fat, as well!

But there is one butter you must NEVER eat…

Watch Out For “Fake” Butter!

I don’t know about you, but I grew up on margarine and other fake “Butter substitutes”.  I remember spraying 10-Calorie “I Can’t Believe It’s Not” butter on everything!   To my surprise, I found out a couple years ago that these are actually terrible for you!  They’re full of chemicals and other ingredients that definitely came out of a lab, not from Nature.  ‘Nuff said 😉 .

Without going into too much detail about the chemical concoctions in ‘fake butters’, let’s talk about the one butter I do recommend.  It’s called “Kerrygolds Pure Irish Butter” because it’s from grass-fed cows.  But beware – I’m told they have a reduced fat version.  Avoid this!

If you can’t find this particular brand, simply look for any brand that is only pure butter and is from grass fed cows (ideally).

Time coverHow Much Butter Should You Eat?

While some people are fans of extremely high fat and low carb/moderate protein diets — I don’t think you need to “over-consume” butter. And the amount of butter which you eat is dependent upon your own circumstances.  Remember: butter is still fat, and as such, it is still relatively high in calories per gram…

If you’re already at, or close to your goal weight, and are eating a healthy diet, then you may not even need to think about how much butter you’re eating.  If you’re trying to lose weight, you may need to keep an eye on how much you use.  With cooking, you’ll probably leave some in the cooking pan, which is ok, but keep an eye on how much you put on your foods, etc.  (That said – don’t restrict it too much by thinking it’s “bad”.  Just be aware that it’s high in calories 😉

My friend Caleb, who I’ve known for years in my fitness writing and publishing, actually created this neat presentation:

The 5 Forbidden Commandments That Force Your Body To Kill Stubborn Belly Fat .

It will help you understand a lot of other ‘misconceptions’ around butter, fat, cholesterol, and other ‘forbidden foods’.

So be like me and enjoy your butter and instead of thinking it is “bad”, think of it as a perfectly natural, “health” food for you.
One of the best ways I know to FIGHT negative body image and stubborn body fat is with… well… fat!