How To Defeat Negative Self-Talk...

How To Defeat Negative Self-Talk…

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t doesn’t come from bubble gum, diet soda, or cigarettes…   But it’s even MORE toxic to your health, lifespan, and happiness.

It keeps you from exercising, making wise food choices, and even from experiencing intimacy with the people you love.

I’m talking about negativity.  The kind you direct towards yourself.  It’s the nastiest toxin I know of.

Negative self-talk is pervasive at lunch tables, water coolers, and in your own head.In fact, some studies suggest that women may BOND through this destructive behavior.

In 1984, psychologist Judith Rodon actually coined the term “normative discontent”; it describes a near-obsessive preoccupation with negative self-talk.  In fact, studies show that nearly 50 PERCENT of girls worry about their weight, and the *lowest* rate of body satisfaction comes form underweight males.

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Walk up to your mirror.  (If you’re on a laptop or phone, I’ll go with you 😉

Now find 5 things to say to yourself that are nice… really nice.  Maybe you’re a good writer, or you know how to use grammar properly.  Maybe you have nice eyes, or you’re a resourceful person.  You may be a great cook who makes your friends and family happy with delicious, healthy, energizing meals.     Find those beautiful things in you – because they ARE there.

Somedays you may need to do this once, some days you may find yourself having to repeat these things 5 and 10 times.   But remember: you’re beautiful and you’re worth it!  

If you’re looking for more mood-boosting encouragement to kick toxins out of your body… and your mind… watch this quick presentation I made for you.

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Watch this 4-minute presentation I made to help you on your ‘toxic’ days that will help you feel empowered, and give you valuable suggestions on how to boost your mood… and give toxins the boot!