7 Shocking Secrets About Your Blood Pressure...

7 Shocking Secrets About Your Blood Pressure…


Brace yourself for a shock about your blood pressure.

(Well, 7 shocks, actually…)

► Reducing your salt consumption produces no health benefit — and isn’t worth the effort. (More than 50 clinical studies confirm this.)

►Low-fat diets don’t prevent hearts and strokes – instead, they can cause them!

►Blood pressure drugs are useless for the vast majority of patients with high blood pressure. (Confirmed by 4 major studies.)

►Many of the “heart-healthy” foods that doctors tell you to eat actually raise your blood pressure.

►Millions of hypertension patients (one in four) are taking blood pressure drugs for a condition they don’t really have – and you could be one of them!

► The dietary advice you’re receiving from doctors, the federal government, and food manufacturers is one of the main causes of today’s high blood pressure epidemic.

►High blood pressure is one of the easiest conditions to reverse naturally!

All these statements are absolutely true!


Are you shocked?

I was, too, when I came across these jaw-dropping scientific findings in an impressive new book about high blood pressure from our good friend Jim Healthy. (He’s the creator of the red-hot bestseller, The 30-Day Diabetes Cure.

No wonder half the population of the world’s developed countries (including ours) has abnormal blood pressure!

See the research

More blood pressure surprises in store for you.

But you don’t have to be included in this tragic statistic, according to Jim and his co-author, Dr. Roy Heilbron, co-creator of the world-famous South Beach Diet,…

…because having healthy blood pressure is much easier than you or your doctor thinks.

And, as you’ll see, it won’t require one bit of medication!

Click the link below for the proof – and to read more about these bold new findings about high blood pressure that today’s doctors are utterly in the dark about, including…

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Don’t be one of the millions who have been fooled by faulty advice from doctor’s in today’s blood pressure epidemic.

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