How I Lost 22 Pounds By Exercising LESS...

How I Lost 22 Pounds By Exercising LESS…

I recently saw a meme with a picture of an obese Ronald McDonald that said, “you can’t outrun a bad diet”.  Well said!

Eating and exercising regularly are critical to your long, healthy life.

But here’s the thing…

You can exercise an hour a day and STILL be overweight.

That was me just one year ago.

For years I worked out for hours every week – planned vacation time and weekends around workouts – and still felt ‘chubby’.

Then I found my fatburning TREASURE.

I started taking SlimTea capsules earlier this year.

The results have been SHOCKING, to say the least.

before slimtea capsules word

  • I ran 30 miles a week and was still embarrassed to wear shorts in public
  • I ate extremely healthy and still struggled to fit in my jeans – and kept getting BIGGER!
  • I did crunches, burpees, and core exercises every day and couldn’t see my abs…

after slimtea capsules word

Well, the picture speaks for itself!

2014-11-03 15.02.19

  • Suddenly I STOPPED needing naps every chance I got
  • I could finally see those hard-earned abs
  • My jeans got baggy – in all the right places!
  • I freely ate fats and fruits in moderation and was burning fat like a FURNACE!



SlimTea capsules help my body NATURALLY burn up to 523 more calories every day – which means my metabolism is now ROARING.

What’s more – I learned that my working out wasn’t effective.

I was actually exhausted!  (And tired of not seeing the results I wanted!)

What ARE SlimTea Capsules?

Well that’s easy – they’re JUST 100% high-mountain OOLONG TEA!

It’s SlimTea – but in capsule form.  And it’s TWICE as powerful as the tea!

SlimTea Capsules contain NO artificial ingredients or colors – no fillers!

Dozens of scientific studies support SlimTea and it’s incredible effects on weight loss and well being.

By far the EASIEST thing I’ve ever done to torch body fat that just wouldn’t seem to go away was to start taking two SlimTea capsules every single day.

Bring them wherever you go- trust me – they’re really convenient to have in your briefcase or purse!

Let’s review:

Slimming Tea capsules:

  1. Burn up to 523% MORE calories than green tea, every day!
  2. Are packed with antioxidants called polyphenols and catechins; which stimulate weight loss, heart health, and detoxification
  3. Are 100% Pure Tea, no additives, preservatives, or chemicals!

Capsules ingredients

Our capsules are so popular that I completely sold out of them earlier this year.


But thankfully we’re back in stock.

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