What To Avoid When Eating In Restaurants

What To Avoid When Eating In Restaurants


It really freaks me out how often I end up eating in restaurants due to my travel schedule.  (over 200 days last year!)

Even though I try to stick to restaurants that source local foods and avoid as much processed foods as I can, I know that there are times when a lot of junk is snuck into my food.

When my husband and I are at home (which is rare!), we very rarely eat at restaurants in order to give our bodies a break.

During these times, we love to start our day with green juices or smoothies and eat mostly vegetables, salads, and healthy grass-fed and organic meats for dinner.

We also NEVER leave the house without our fat-fighting, gut-cleansing SlimTea!

Why do we work so hard to detox when we’re home?

Here are three reasons you’ll find SHOCKING…

1.  Restaurant Foods Sneak In THIS Inflammatory Property…

Restaurant foods are packed with ingredients that have an inflammatory effect in your bodies.

Specifically, I’m talking about polyunsaturated fats from vegetable oils.

These include:

  • Corn oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Nut oil
  • Canola oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Trans fats (artificially created)

We didn’t introduce these oils to the food supply until about a hundred years ago and now they’re pretty much ubiquitous in every kitchen across America because they’re cheap and easy to store and use.

Polyunsaturated fats have a direct correlation to:

  • Heart disease
  • Thyroid Disfunction
  • Obesity
  • High Cholesterol
  • Hormone Disruption
  • Oxidative Stress

… and more.

Try to eat in restaurants that use butter or olive oil, if you can.

But if you have doubts, avoid foods with mayonnaise (most salad dressings), sautés, and especially fried foods!

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2) Restaurant Foods Are Crawling With GMO Ingredients…

Look, we don’t REALLY know how bad the effects of GMO’s are for the long term…

… But we know in the short term that they:

  • Contaminate our food supply
  • Cause intestinal damage
  • May cause food allergies
  • Are linked to autism, reproductive disorders, and digestive problems

I have been a past sufferer of “leaky gut syndrome”, so GMO’s are especially dangerous for me.

Some of the top GMO crops currently are:

  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Cotton
  • Canola
  • Sugar beets
  • Alfalfa
  • Zucchini
  • Yellow squash
  • Papaya (from Hawaii and China)

In my health practice, I avoid ALL of the above-mentioned foods where possible.

It’s VERY hard, but I trust that my body will thank me in the near future, as well as decades down the line.

3) Restaurant Foods Contain Ingredients Banned In Many Other Countries…

It’s HARD to make a profit in a restaurant.

Trust me, I know this because I worked in restaurants for 12 years of my life!

Restaurants often make most their profit on booze.

And where they aren’t profiting off liquor sales, they’re often cutting corners by sourcing low quality ingredients.

One such low-quality ingredient is dairy.

Low-quality dairy products contain rBST, or recombinant bovine growth hormone.

What is rBST?

It’s a protein hormone produced in the pituitary glands of cattle.

Monsanto, however, has developed a version using genetically engineered E.Coli bacteria.

(E.Coli is the same bacteria that closes down beaches in many industrial cities because E.Coli compromised water is too dirty for people to swim in!)

rBST is sold under the name “Posilac” and it’s injected into cows to boost their milk production.

rBST products that are BANNED in:

  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • …and the 27 countries of the European Union!


We all end up traveling and eating out once in a while.

So when you do, even if you don’t think you consumed any of these dirty restaurant ingredients, it’s best to detox EVERY DAY with antioxidant-packed SlimTea.

Don’t take a risk with your health.

You only have one body – and you only live in it once!