Unlock Your Fat-Burning Superpower!

Unlock Your Fat-Burning Superpower!


There are countless obstacles in the way of our good health.

The effects of pollution in air and water, stress, hormones, UV rays, and other elements actually damage our cells!

These pollutants impact our cells’ ability to work properly.

When this happens, cells lose an electron and become free radicals.

What Are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are substances we’re exposed to that become oxidized in the body.

Oxidation is what SlimTea does to your fat: it erodes fat from your body like rust ‘melts’ away a car.

We are exposed to free radicals through things like smoking, stress, chemicals in processed foods, or even UV rays.

These free radicals make you age more quickly both on the skin… as well as deep beneath the surface in your organs.

Scientists believe that free radicals cause your skin to show aging even before its time!

(Remember the pruned-looking woman you saw in Florida one time… the one who smokes and tans all day?  Yeah… free radicals at work…)

Beautiful Girl Sunset Running Healthy Ponytail

How Antioxidants Eliminate Free Radicals…

Antioxidants help you eradicate all the free radicals you’re exposed to all day.

Countless studies conducted in universities and labs worldwide show the health benefits of consuming antioxidants- ESPECIALLY from tea!

Specifically, you want to look for tea containing polyphenols and EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate).

(These are special catechin compounds found in SlimTea!)


Below are the tea antioxidants in SlimTea:

  • Catechins

    • They comprise 25% of the compounds that makes up a tea leaf.
    • Recent research indicates that including tea antioxidants such as catechins in your diet, may lead to a decrease in body weight and a reduction of certain health issues.
    • Catechins work with other naturally occurring chemicals in the body to intensify levels of fat oxidation, or thermogenesis, the process by which heat is created in the body by burning fat, which links weight loss and tea antioxidants together.
  • Polyphenols

    • Oolong tea has the most concentrated, highest level of polyphenols in comparison with green tea or black tea; and SlimTea has the highest level of polyphenols in comparison with other brands of Oolong tea.
    • In a study at the University of Chicago, animals tested were given polyphenols.  As a result, they consumed 50% to 60% less food than those who drank water.
    • Other studies on the affects of polyphenols have focused on the following health issues and illnesses:
      • Certain types of cancers
      • Lowering plasma glucose in type 2 diabetic patients
      • Lowering LDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease
      • Reducing bacteria that causes gum disease
      • Clearer skin
      • Hair loss prevention


  • EGCG

    • In a study “Oolong Tea Increases Metabolic Rate and Fat Oxidation in Men” by theUniversity of Tokushima, subjects who consumed 244 mg of EGCG in Oolong tea experienced an increase in fat oxidation, which presented the potential for helping an individual to maintain a lower body fat content.
    • What’s more, another study showed that rats consuming EGCG in their diet ate 60% LESS.
    • Cancer rates among Oolong tea drinkers is much lower, and studies show that EGCG may be the cause.
    • Studies also show that Breast cancer cells may be stopped by EGCG.  Another Japanese study of 472 women with breast cancer suggests that EGCG may decrease the severity and recurrence of Stage 1, 2, and 3 breast cancers when 5 cups of EGCG rich green tea was drunk daily.
    • Other studies indicate that EGCG may be a sort of ‘fountain of youth’ for skin cells, with doctors linking it to healing of rosacea, psoriasis, and even wrinkles!
    • What’s more, EGCG may help regulate glucose in your body, as well as help block the fattening effects of carbs in your body.  This is one of a plethora of ways that SlimTea helps you lose weight and oxidize fat.
    • It even carries twice the antioxidants of resveratrol, the compound found in wine and supplemented by millions via capsules.  Doctors believe the EGCG is 100 times MORE effective than Vitamin C and 25 Times better than Vitamin E at protecting cells from damage linked to cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses.
    • Plus, EGCG is linked to raising your metabolic rate, even while resting.  The University of Chicago’s Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research found that EGCG caused rats to lose up to 21% of their body weight when injected with EGCG.  The rates even consumed up to 60% less food after just 7 days of daily EGCG injections.  Researchers are still learning more about how SlimTea may help with appetite suppression, but it’s certainly effective in ‘blocking’ starches, as it prevents the digestion of some carbohydrates.  Some say that EGCG may even replace ephedra as a weight loss supplement!

How To Infuse Your Diet With The World’s Most Powerful Antioxidants…

Tea antioxidants are some of the healthiest and most powerful on the planet.

Whether you’re looking to:

  • Oxidize Fat
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Fight Disease
  • … or even just give your skin and hair a nice, healthy glow…

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