REVERSE Aging With This...

REVERSE Aging With This…

We all need antioxidants.

And LOTS of them.

Men need about 11,000 antioxidant units per day (based on a 2500 cal. diet) and women need approximately 8,000 units.

However, the average American doesn’t even get HALF the minimum.

The Danger Of Too Few Antioxidants…

If you aren’t getting enough antioxidants in your diet, your body will become overrun with free radicals.

Free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron in their orbit.

You may have heard about free radicals; they cause oxidative stress that pretty much works like rust on a car.

They’re the cause of wrinkles in your skin (from over-sunbathing) and aging you get from smoking.

But did you know that digestion and even exercise cause free radicals as well?

Too few antioxidants in your diet leads to oxidative stress and an overabundance of free radicals.

And THIS can beget neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, among others.

WHY Are We So Antioxidant Deficient?

Developed countries eat plenty of food that is NOT very nutrient-rich.

The result is:

  • Poor Metabolism
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Immune Imbalance
  • Cellular Disfunction
  • Disease

We absolutely must get the daily minimum of 8,000 to 11,000 units of antioxidants per day to live our fullest, healthiest, and happiest lives.

How You Can Heal Your Body With Life-Restoring Antioxidants…

There are endless studies that reveal Oolong tea and it’s role in reducing oxidative stress.

The high antioxidants in Oolong Tea are revolutionary for your health… and your weight loss!

But DON’T go to the grocery store or shopping mall and think you’re getting the antioxidants that are PACKED into premium SlimTea.

SlimTea is among the absolute strongest Oolong teas on the planet.

Starting last week, SlimTea launched it’s Limited Edition Kenyan Blend.

The SlimTea Kenyan Blend combines our traditional Wuyi Oolong with a mega-powerful Kenyan Oolong for CRAZY antioxidants.

However, because our Kenyan blend is SO rare and the crop yield is SO low… it’s only available for a very short time.

(A week… a month?)

And once it’s gone – it’s gone!

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