How I Got Rockin' Abs...

How I Got Rockin’ Abs…

woman trained abs

I never really thought I’d be one of those people with ‘abs’.

Sure I ran 7 miles at a stretch, ate kale like it was going extinct, and I even did the periodic round of crunches on my living room floor, just for good measure.

But I certainly was far from having ‘popped’ abs.

What changed for me?  Well, for one I started to work out less with higher intensity workouts.

I stopped existing on diets of vegetables and carbs… and started to eat more lean meats, nuts, and cut the sugar and carbs.

Most importantly, I cut chemicals from my diet.

Suddenly I started to see a nice line cut down the center of my stomach.

I knew I was onto something so I added a few more ab-friendly habits to my life.

Here they are…

1.  I Trained With Intention…

I always assumed that my abs, being the core of my body, were always working.

However now I make sure to train my abs at least three times per week.

Some days I train with planks, other days with variations of sit-ups that you find in my exercise tutorials when you pick up your SlimTea.

Sweaty Athlete with Ball on Her Shoulder

2.  I Added Weights To Abs Training…

I once read that Britney Spears did 1,000 crunches every single day to keep her abs looking shredded during tours.

That sounds terrible!

What I found, however, is that adding weights to my ab exercises forced my muscles to work harder, and make my abs show more.

Now I do less repetitions with higher intensity.

The rest of my training has taken on a similar tune – less time, more intensity.

I explain more of that in the Exercise Manuals you receive with your SlimTea.

3.  I “Timed” My Abs Workouts

I do abs *before* my cardio routine, every time.

That means I’ll perform 3 sets of weighted V-Ups, Bicycle Crunches, or Leg Lifts BEFORE I jump rope or run some sprints.

That causes me to think about my abs when I do cardio, and pull my abs while I workout.

As I am more conscious of the abs, they work harder while I do cardio.

Man doing abs on pilates ball

4.  I Cleaned Up My Diet…

I can’t believe how many empty calories I used to eat from ‘diet’ foods, like gluten free pretzels, chips, and salty snacks.

Now, I eat for nutrient density.  That does NOT mean that I juice 10 pounds of greens into every meal… but instead of mindlessly munching on ‘snack food’, I’ll eat raw veggies, nuts, seeds, or another chemical-free preservative-free *whole* food.

Plus, I cut high-fructose corn syrup, sugars, and many high-glycemic foods from my diet.

This meant restricting foods that I once thought were okay to eat large amounts of, such as syrupy sweet tropical fruits.  Now I reserve such foods for treats or ‘dessert’.

Sexy man

5.  I Began To Use An Ab-Boosting Supplement…

One of the most popular fatburning supplements on the market is a mix of tea extract with caffeine.
One of the reasons tea shreds your stomach fat is because of the active compound EGCG.

EGCG helps increase your metabolism.  Plus, it prevents the breakdown of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which regulates your metabolism.

Caffeine has the ability to bind receptors of fat cells.

Plus, it helps you burn MORE fat during exercise.

Check out my FAVORITE Ab-Shredding Supplement here…