8 EASY Tricks To Lose Weight (Without Even Thinking About It...)

8 EASY Tricks To Lose Weight (Without Even Thinking About It…)


Do you know when the most popular day to start a diet is?


And “tomorrow” is a day that for many people never seems to get here.

(I can’t even find it on my calendar, can you?)

Dieting is HARD.  That’s why I HATE diets!

I’m much more a fan of small, daily changes that add up to HUGE results (with much less effort!)

That’s why I’ve compiled 8 EASY Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You (Effortlessly) Lose More Weight…

Vegetables with vinegar

1.  Vinegar…

One way to change your diet for the better is to consume more vinegar, such as with pickles or on salad (instead of using fattier dressings).

Acetic acid, found in vinegar, helps reduce blood pressure and blood sugar.

My FAVORITE way to consume vinegar is to grill or roast vegetables and drizzle it on top.

And I NEVER go a day without consuming Apple Cider Vinegar capsules (or liquid form).

With how much traveling I do – having a pill form of Vinegar for weight loss is key.

(I keep it alongside my SlimTea Capsules to help me lose weight no matter where I am!)


2.  Even My Grandma Does This…

Walking is easy, but most of us don’t do enough of it!

If you work in an office complex, it’s a good bet you’ll see people outside walking around on their lunch breaks.

Those people have the right idea.

Parking far from the building is lame- I can’t stand when people say that.

You really need to get a good half hour in every day to do the real benefit from walking in your heart and your waistline.

Getting a dog is the easiest way I’ve ever found myself getting more walks into my day.

Provided you live in a city – you can also plan errands around walking.

(Thereby making walking, yep – effortless.)


3.  Bust A Move…

Walking alone won’t help you develop the flexibility in your other joints.

Your body tends to break down with disuse.

You need to focus on moving the other parts of your body every day.

A low-impact stretching regimen, some basic exercises like push ups and situps… these are great for your body.

If you bust out 100 pushups per day – you’ll be SHOCKED at how much this tones your arms.

I like to do my pushups in sets of 30 or 40.  It’s hard – but I have nice lean arms to show for it!

Plus – pushups are quick and intense.  You don’t need equipment or a gym to make these a part of your daily routine.

My other FAVORITE way to burn mega calories (effortlessly) is to dance.

I turn on music and dance with my dogs, shake my hips for a great core workout – or use dancing to cool down after a workout.

You’ll find that five minutes of steady dancing can be quite exhausting!


4.  Sleep More…

Talk about effortless!  Who doesn’t love sleep?

Americans live in a chronic state of sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation has many unhealthy effects, including the promotion of weight gain.

If you can’t get your sleep at night, get it at other parts of the day by taking naps.

Studies have shown that daily naps have restorative effects and many healthy benefits overall.

And who doesn’t like a nap?

If you don’t think you have enough time to increase your sleep… think about what you can CUT from your day.

TV?  Facebook?  Time-intensive beauty rituals?

Trust me, you’ll look a LOT more beautiful after getting enough sleep than if you’re spending time loading up on cremes and other products.


5.  Lighten Your Load…

The heaviest meal of the day, for many people, is dinner.

But that’s when you need the least amount of calories!

Plus, heavy dinners don’t just lead to weight gain – they also cut into your sleep!

Your day is done and it won’t be long before you’re in for the night and ready to go to bed.

Your heaviest meal of the day should be breakfast or lunch, to give you the energy you need for the rest of the day.


6.  Be A Little Fishy…

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, known to lower levels of cortisol, your body’s stress hormone.

We eat fatty foods because they help blunt the effects of this cortisol, which is why some very fattening foods are known as “comfort foods.”

Protein found in fish is also linked to building muscle and burning more fat.

BEWARE: if you can’t catch your own fish – stick to wild-caught fish if at all possible.

Farmed raised fish are loaded with antibiotics and other chemicals that seriously diminishes their quality.

What’s more, one serving of fish contains approximately 33% of your daily recommended intake of protein.

Furthermore, the protein found in fish is easier to digest than in meat and poultry due to there being less connective tissue.

Woman with glowing skin

7.  Intermittent Fasting…

I love fasting and have missed it so much since I got pregnant.

Fasting is an awesome way to supercharge energy levels and burn fat fast.

Nobody is asking you to go on a hunger strike, but periodic fasting can help flush toxins from your body while reducing your overall caloric intake.

Be sure that you talk to your doctor before you fast – and drink LOTS of water when you do!

I find that on days when I need the MOST energy – fasting is the best way to keep my energy levels high and keep me focused during a busy day.

Man drinking tea 20s

8.  Drink SlimTea

SlimTea is delicious.

It doesn’t need sugar the way coffee and other types of tea do!

Did you know that tea-drinking societies have lower rates of overweight citizens?

Plus, drinking tea helps introduce more fluid into your body.

In fact, sometimes we eat when we’re really just thirsty.

If you can take a simple SlimTea capsule or heat up some water, you can make SlimTea your EASY weight loss solution.

SlimTea is the world’s EASIEST way to burn up to 523 MORE calories every day!