8 "Healthy Foods" That Cause Flab...

8 “Healthy Foods” That Cause Flab…

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Sometimes what you read isn’t exactly “true”.

This is especially pertinent in the case of “low fat”, “Diet”, and many other “health” foods.

If you’re like me, you may have struggled for years with your weight while consuming these foods day and night.

The sad truth is that not all ‘healthy food’ is actually healthy…

…And not all healthy foods contribute towards weight loss!

In fact, some completely healthy foods may actually cause you to gain weight.

Here are eight just to give you an idea!


#1 – Granola

100% real granola can be ‘healthy’ but most granola products are pure junk!

Nuts are healthy, but most granola is coated with unhealthy oils and sugar.

Plus, nuts are very calorie dense, so a little bit of granola goes a LONG way.

Simply put, granola is better left OUT of your diet.


#2 – Whole Wheat Bread

This is the one that we all took too long to learn about!

Whole wheat bread is viewed as being healthy because it’s not white bread. In reality, it’s merely an illusion of a whole grain bread.

Most whole wheat bread is simply “enriched” and not natural.

In fact, the flour used in whole wheat bread has been found to spike your blood sugar more than some chocolate candy bars!  Yikes!

And don’t forget another thing: whole wheat bread isn’t just bad for blood sugar, but it is calorie-dense as well.

To easily cut a couple hundred calories next time you make a sandwich, try using lettuce.

Or if you’re like me, you can get creative and use eggs to wrap your sandwich in!  Simply cook the eggs like a crepe and, voila!


#3 – Diet Sodas

Okay, they may not be packed with calories, but they can still help you to pack on the fat!

It has been found that the consumption of artificial sweeteners may increase appetite.

So, you may consume less calories by drinking diet soda, but you could end up making up for it in other areas of your diet.

Plus, if you’re not completely transforming your dietary intake, switching only your soda intake may end up doing more harm than good.

In other words, just because you have a diet soda, that doesn’t counter-balance the plate of spaghetti you’re about to devour.


#4 – Breakfast Cereals

Whether the cereal says its “whole grain” or “low fat”, you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

A quick glance down under carbohydrates will likely result in your jaw dropping by the high sugar contents.

High sugar intake can spike insulin levels, increase your blood sugar, and cause you to have a larger appetite.

Either find a cereal that’s nearly free of sugar or switch to something healthier, such as non-flavored instant oats.


#5 – Low-Fat Yogurt

Yogurt may not appear to be a bad food, but most yogurt products are excessively processed.

See, taking fat out of food usually makes it taste gross. So, food manufacturers must then find a way to make it appealing to consumers. To create a low-fat food that people will love, that usually means sugar needs to be added. This is usually done through sugar.

You may lose the fat content, but the added carbs definitely end up doing more harm than good.

After all, a high carb diet usually causes more fat gain than a high fat diet, as surprising as that sounds.


#6 – Salad Dressings

We all enjoy a nice salad, but most of us can’t manage to eat a salad without our favorite salad dressing.

The sad reality is that most commercialized salad dressings feature unhealthy ingredients, such as soybean oil.

In fact, many contain high fructose corn syrup for sweetening, which is even used in low-fat yogurt.

Although it’s not just the unhealthiness, the empty calories quickly add up and help to pack on the fat.

The vegetables are healthy, but the dressing is not.

Thankfully, we can make our own at home by mixing something like extra virgin olive oil and vinegar with a variety of our preferred spices.

Try to avoid vinegars with sulfites and sugar added to them!


#7 – Fruit Juice

Some of us may realize it already, but many fail to accept that fruit juices aren’t healthy.

Most fruit juice is nothing like actual fruit.

It’s loaded with sugar.

It’s really just like taking Crystal Light packets and swapping the artificial sweetener for table sugar.

Even the 100% fruit juice isn’t the greatest – even fruits themselves are known for being rich in sugar.

Why have a cup of orange juice, when you could get the same amount of sugar and less calories from two whole oranges?

Plus, you’ll receive much more nutrients from real fruit, versus the preserved goop you can get prepared at a store.


#8 – Trail Mix

Everyone wants that one perfect snack to help curb their cravings, but please don’t choose trail mix!

First of all, nuts are incredibly calorie dense and full of fat.  If you want a snack, stick to a handful of nuts and quit.

Instead, trail mix tosses in dried fruits that are full of sugar and preservatives.

Plus, have you ever looked to see what’s in dried bananas?  Probably tons of added sugar and terrible oils.

The truth is this: f you aren’t getting the results you want: it’s time to re-assess your entire diet right now.

If it helps, write down everything you eat for just three days.

You may be shocked to find you’re eating up to 500 calories MORE than you thought you were in mindless munching!

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Plus, it helps curb your cravings and suppress your appetite, helping you, thereby, avoid bad foods!

Keep reading to find out how you can eliminate Flab-causing Foods from your diet today!