7 Ways This One Easy Trick Can Help You Live Better, Longer...

7 Ways This One Easy Trick Can Help You Live Better, Longer…


1.  It Suppresses Your Appetite…

SlimTea helps regulate insulin spikes – even helping suppress people’s appetite!
It has been linked in many scientific studies to weight loss and fighting Type 2 Diabetes.
Taking SlimTea 15 minutes before a meal will help eliminate “carb cravings” by regulating insulin spikes — which solves a big problem for a lot of people.

2.  It’s Extremely Rare and Powerful…

SlimTea is a rare form of Chinese Oolong, and it had been used in China as a medicinal weight loss cure and health remedy for hundreds of years.

Now before you go out and buy just any Oolong tea, you must know that not all Oolong is not created equal – in fact far from it.

It turns out that there is a very special kind of Oolong that is grown in the WuYi Mountains of China at a very high altitude.

Because of the high altitude, the yield is lower on the actual plants – but what this does is concentrate the polyphenol content of the tea (the part that burns fat).

3.  It’s Safe…

Diet pills are pretty scary – especially because of the caffeine!
But one SlimTea capsule only has about 34 MG of caffeine, or less than a cup of coffee, which has 50 MG.
Our Tea only has 17 mg of caffeine- or half as much as the capsules.
SlimTea really powerful for your energy levels because of its antioxidants and L-Theanine, which is linked to an improvement in mood and productivity!
Psychology today says that L-Theanine boost serotonin, your brain’s “Happiness Chemical”.

4.  It’s 100% Natural…

And best of all, SlimTea is 100% Natural.
It has one ingredient: Pure, Premium, Medicinal Grade Oolong from high in the Chinese Wuyi mountains where it has been exposed to NO chemicals, NO pesticides, and NO artificial flavors or coloring.
You can’t find this tea in grocery stores!

Tea at spa

5.  It’s Packed With Polyphenols…

It is packed with polyphenols, antioxidants such as cancer-fighting EGCG.
In just one SlimTea capsule, you’ll find 500 MG of polyphenols!
40% of that is the powerful EGCG, which is linked to the prevention of tons of cancers.
In fact, rumors have it that EGCG may be the new ‘weight loss’ drug, with companies talking about isolating it as they once did with ephedra!

6.  It Fights Fat…

And about weight loss…
More than 37 scientific studies have been published that link SlimTea to increased metabolism, fat oxidation, flatter tummy, tone arms and weight loss.

SlimTea is designed to help you burn up to 523 more calories than Green Tea every day.

It lowers carb cravings, increases energy, and cleanses your body of impurities while naturally melting away belly fat.

The L-Theanine in SlimTea helps boost your mood and productivity – even giving you more energy to hit the gym or trails and get your workout on!

7.  It Comes With An Arsenal Of Bonuses!

Of course, even though I drink tea daily, I work out and eat really clean, too!
Every single order of SlimTea comes with a cookbook AND 7 fitness manuals.  These aren’t some hard core gym, yoga, or bodybuilder workouts.
They’re at-home workouts that are easy enough to do in short sets, but powerful enough to do in long hard-core training sessions if you choose.
I truly believe that 30 minutes per day of exercise is the world’s BEST antidepressant!
Don’t feel blue about your weight, drink SlimTea and take your body, and your health back!