7 Foods That Fight Stress...

7 Foods That Fight Stress…



Do you eat more when you’re stressed?

I do!  Cavernous bowls of popcorn, nibbles off of my favorite Ginger Chocolate Bar, and pounds of salty jerky… Mmmm….

National Public Radio has recently conducted a study that indicates we’re not alone.  It’s actually very common for people to eat their stress away!

Comfort foods, such as sugary chocolate candies or refined carbohydrates like pasta or bagels…  may actually cause you to feel MORE stressed.

Why is that?

Well, according to Harvard University professor of pediatrics, David Ludwig, many of our comfort foods, including pastas, cookies, and chocolates, really DO comfort us for a short while.  However over time those foods cause your hormones and blood sugar to surge, which leads to more stress… and even weight gain!

Stress Reactions Using High-Glycemic Foods…

Researchers wanted to know more about how stress and food relate to one another, so they fed teenage boys several different breakfast foods.  The first had eggs, the next had steel-cut oats.  The third had instant oatmeal, which is highest on the glycemic index.

After the instant oatmeal, the boys’ blood sugar soared and then crashed, leading them to become overwhelmed with the stress hormone adrenaline a few hours later.

Given the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease that is so widespread, it is best to AVOID these high glycemic foods if you want to keep your mood… and your body in a low-stress state!

Bread seeds and flaxseeds

The Mood-Food Connection…

It’s pretty well known that high-glycemic foods cause stress to our bodies… and our moods.

But are there foods that we can eat to COMBAT stress?   According to Joe Hibbeln of the National Institutes of Health, yes.

He has spent 20 years exploring the relationship between Omega-3 fatty acids and emotional health.  He found that Omega-3’s help regulate your mood by making your stress system more flexible, and less likely to succumb to inflammation.

Omega-3’s can even help protect your neurons against stress-related damage!  In fact, he found that Omega-3’s may even help reduce depression!  But Omega-3’s aren’t the only food that researchers have found helps you eliminate stress.

Drew Ramsey, author of “The Happiness Diet”, shows how a nutrient-rich diet helps you eliminate stress.

What Foods Can I Eat To Reduce Stress?

Ramsey details his favorite stress-reducing breakfast: scrambled eggs with dark greens and pumpkin seeds. Here you have B Vitamins and protein from eggs, Vitamins A, K, and Potassium from the Dark Greens, and Magnesium and Zinc from the pumpkin seeds.

Did you know that magnesium is thought to help reduce anxiety?  And Zinc helps boost your immune system!

And do you want to know some really good news?  Dark Chocolate’s cocoa flavanols are great for mood enhancement and clearer thinking.

Top 7 Foods That FIGHT Stress…

Here is a list of the top 7 foods that will help you BEAT stress…

  • Eggs
  • Dark, Leafy Greens
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Fish Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Sardines, Salmon)
  • Flaxseed
  • Dark Chocolate
  • SlimTea

Fight Stress AND Belly Fat?!…

Another negative thing stress does to our bodies is promote belly fat.
Limiting stress helps you lose MORE weight, especially in your tummy!

This can be done in part through proper sleep, and especially through proper nutrition.  E at more satisfying fats and proteins.   And above all else, drink nature’s most powerful, stress-reducin tea.
SlimTea is a high-altitude Oolong that has off-the-charts antioxidants.

What’s more, SlimTea helps to reduce stress, which causes belly fat.

That’s because it helps you:

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Detoxify chemicals that slow down your body… and your metabolism!
  • Boost energy levels and mood – making it easier to exercise!
  • Calm your mood with L-Theanine
  • Promote synaptic plasticity, memory, and cognitive function due to high flavonoids.

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